“Guys, you wouldn’t believe what happened to me at work last week.” I was in the middle of a match with Phantom. We were at my place – Cynthia was having a girls’ day out with her friends. I told the boys about Rosemary and, in typical fashion, they dove in. “I need to understand … More INSTINCTS


On the day Rosemary entered my life, I was sitting in my office staring at the computer. I had my earphones on and was listening to music, my swivel chair was reclined, my eyes shut and my cup of coffee cradled on my chest. There was a knock and, before I could collect myself, the … More TWISTED


“Babe, everything okay?” We were driving home from a day out with the guys – barbecue at Wole’s. We tried to do this at least twice a year, and we would pool finances for the things we needed, keeping the guests small to match the budget – usually the guys of Camelot and their partners … More OPEN YOUR EYES


“Hey Babe, how’re you? Have you knocked off?” Cynthia asked. I checked the time and it was ten minutes past 5 O’clock. “Nah, I should knock off in a bit. You nko?” “I’m just about to head out. I got dragged into a last-minute meeting that was thankfully short.” “Good stuff. I’ll let you know … More CHEATING