Want free tickets to the STILL SINGLE IN GIDI stage play? Then tell us your funny/weird/interesting story about being single? with the hashtag #mysinglestory   1. Record a video with your phone camera telling your single story 2. Post to your Instagram or facebook page and tag @singleingidi #mysinglestory 3.We will repost/share your video on … More #MYSINGLESTORY


Marriage is a beautiful thing; imagine spending your lifetime with someone who gets you, someone you understand, becoming one and finishing each other’s sentences or whatever you married people do that’s unique to your relationship, no shade intended. However, marriage is and should not be the one and only important goal of a female homosapien. … More MARRIAGE IS A CULT!


Ladies, when a man breaks up with you, most of the time, he expects you to cry and beg with constant calls and texts, but doesn’t enjoy it. Have you ever considered what would happen if you only composed yourself better and tell him off? Completely starving him of any attention for at least three … More THE NO CONTACT RULE


I want to elope…. Everyone keeps saying my mother will be disappointed if I elope or go to the registry with the required witnesses and get married. They say it’s a day of joy and every parent looks forward to it, how it should be the best day of my life, how it has to … More RUNAWAY BRIDE