Preparation for the annual crossover service is usually a day-long event in my house. This year it’s a bit different because my slave masters a.k.a employers have let me close earlier than usual, a luxury that I intend to maximize. Service is from 9pm till midnight and for some reason a good part of the day is centered on BBM shout-outs and dedications. Suddenly we all remember the friends that have been there for us but as a single Nigerian girl; it’s a time to reflect on relationships but good and bad but most of all, another year which has come to an end and you still remain single…very single.
On another note, I also try to figure out what I would be wearing into 2014, ’cause no one really wants to look bad when counting down into another year. It remains a mystery why we women put a lot of emphasis into our New Year’s Eve outfit though, does the way we dress have anything to do with what the new year would bring?, or is another commercial stunt that has brainwashed women across the globe? I know in Nigeria there’s always the hope of meeting the ‘one’ cause as they say, it can happen anytime especially since a few brothers stray into church right before midnight to countdown in a tipsy state before heading out to the nearest club/bar where they celebrate and forget every prayer and promise they made to God to be better people in the new year…Anyway I digress
Also in churches, everybody seems to be prophetic on New Year’s Eve so I have learnt to mentally prepare myself for all the prayers that would be coming my way and remember to say Amen when the blessings for marriage come for fear of being scolded. Four years ago, I chose not to say Amen to one of the women in church during her marriage rants and ended up with another thirty minutes sermon/lecture on why I should be prepared, ready and prayerful. I was going to tell her that I was only going to turn 24 and marriage was the last thing on my mind but the bible taught me to have wisdom, so I apologized, said her much requested Amen before running away.
At the stroke of midnight and with excitement in the air, I walk across the church wishing everyone a happy new year. This is a calculated move because most times you only get the unrequested prayers and sermons when they come to you. Married people and elderly women are usually the ones to avoid on nights like these because even the men who are known for being womanizers would be offering you prayers of marriage and finding the right man for you. I left church with quotes such as ‘this is your year’, ‘the man will find you this year’, ‘you will move into your husband’s house this year’ and my favourite ‘go and bring the man this year’….yea!
Phone calls and messages all have a common theme on New Year’s Day; even my first love chewing gum love, who is now married was quick to say 2014 would be the year of my marriage. I should have asked him what made him so sure, especially since he got married to someone else and now has a daughter but it’s a new year and in cliché fashion I do not want to carry over any drama so I simply say an Amen and ask him to introduce me to any respectable single male friend that he may have. It’s always good to show maximum interest in such matters.
After all the celebration, hours of cooking and hosting guests with remarks on me being ready for marriage, my mother then calls me over for the ‘talk’. I must let you know, this talk is a yearly tradition and usually starts with the importance of the New Year and putting everything in God’s hands because marriage may happen anytime especially in this new year, my pastor says this year is our year of Divine Harvest so I shall be harvesting my husband this year. You probably find this funny but my mother doesn’t which is why she has personally placed me on a 14 day fast to pray about settling down in this New Year.
I’m not sure if this is really a spiritual exercise or just another way for my mother to get me to lose weight whatever the case as far as my mother is concerned, this is definitely the year of my fairy tale happily ever after. Wish me luck!

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