I was doing my rounds of gossip blogs (yes i read gossip blogs) and I came across this post on Lindaikeji on Caroline Danjuma and her new pictures. I must say Caroline is one beautiful woman but what really caught my eye was the comments especially this one 
There seems to be a notion that good girls are always carrying last and the so called bad ones are the ones who settle down quicker with the men of their dreams. It doesn’t matter if they are the second or third wives like in the cases of some of the women mentioned in the comment, what matters is that they were married and ‘settled’ in their husband’s houses who in most cases are wealthy men, I mean how else would they qualify as Aristos. 

If you like laugh but this babe like many other girls have vexed and is not willing to hide it anymore. Too many girls are dulling in the name of being good and somehow the other not so ‘good girls’ are cashing in on the cash cows and getting a better life, both young and old. It is absolutely unfair and unjust in this life of ours….but anyway back to the topic at hand. 

Aristos are also known as Sugar Daddies, men who typically support younger women financially in exchange for something usually sexual. My definition may not be correct but it’s the well known and well accepted one especially in Nigeria. Rarely do aristos marry the younger women that they have relationships with but in cases where they do, these girls become the envy of most of their friends regardless of the age difference between the men and the young girls in question. 

You could go on to say well these men are old enough to be the young ladies’ fathers or elderly uncles but somehow with the economic situation and dating wahala of younger men  in Nigeria you can’t blame supposed good girls who want to go bad in the name of settling down with a bright future. Some of the reasons include:

  1. You will always be the younger one. At least you’ll never have to worry about him leaving you for a younger woman… unless of course he’s interested in dating  the girls yet unborn. 
  2. What’s the point of a broke Aristo, actually they do not exist so as long as you have an Aristo, you’ll always be financially secure. I know it doesn’t sound very sexy and it makes you sound like a gold digger but let’s be real nobody wants to manage in this life. 
  3. You will always have a bank of wisdom to draw from, as an older man he would have a wealth of experience and as they say ‘What an old man sees sitting down, a young man cannot see standing up’
  4. If you hit the right jackpot, you may find yourself with an Aristo that knows how to pamper you as a princess and show you what chivalry really means. Some occasional trips to exotic places, expensive gifts, dinners and knowing when to tell you how beautiful you are and lucky he is to have a pretty young thing like you.
So if you ever wondered why anyone would want to date a man twice their age well now you do, as for me I am still willing to give the young men a chance, something about taking care of a man as old as my father just eerks me….or maybe I am not ready to hang my good girl boots.

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