Or maybe the title should be the problems with some born again brothers. You decide while I write 
I sincerely believe that some born again brothers have listened to one too many sermons on marriages and strange spirits that they have developed a phobia to commit. Instead of taking out time to know a woman as friends with no strings attached, they go the whole nine yards for a few months/ years before  claiming not to have gotten a confirmation from God or found inner peace as they walk away, breaking hearts and putting all the blame on God. But this is not about those brothers, it’s about the one that use this excuse as a trick to be players because we all know every girl wants a good Christian boy. 
Don’t get me wrong o, I understand the importance of getting the go ahead from God as a Christian but what confuses me is that these men do not seem to ask God’s permission before toasting the chic , making out with her and possibly having sex before saying oh God hasn’t given me a go ahead to commit. They conveniently forget all about God when they give in to their fleshly desires and then blame the devil for bringing such temptation their way. 
Someone needs to tell them that enough is enough. Enough with the hypocrisy and lies when all you want to do is sleep with chic and appear like a Godly brother while you’re buried inside her as she calls the name of The Lord in a not so Godly manner. 
And even if that’s not your intention then stay true to your belief by keeping your hands to yourselves when you get close to her. Do not come with the good boy angle only to walk away like a chicken with words like ‘our spirits don’t connect’ … Really though?! 
Before you step up to the chic biko pray from afar, get your confirmation or remain the brother in Christ. And if your mission is to be a heart breaker, remember these words 
What you sow is what you reap
Ok I am done ranting … 

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  1. lol. this matches my comment that sometimes church is the worst place to get a man. but at the same time…too many girls I know overthink the whole “confirmation from God” thing as well. I’ve seen a few friends dump and use guys with that same line too!


  2. haaaaa! This goes both ways ooo.. Despite all entreaties, i still think the church is not the best place to find a partner, mainly because I feel a lot people pretend to be good. I know brothers that are still doing unchristian stuff but they are the ones with running up and down the church, passing offering baskets around… i try not to judge so I mind my business…
    As for the brothers that do not want to commit, … while i am not making excuses for any one… guys have been hurt sha.. and some of them may not say it out so they don’t appear weak, but most of the times, the “non commitment” comes from a scarred past.


  3. Very true,I experienced this exactly,I was so lost cos he was a so called spirikoko,he toasted me only 4 him 2 say later that he hasn’t spoken to Baba(God) about it yet,after I had said yes to him and had completely fallen


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