My friend Cassandra is planning a wedding, her wedding. She has a date, a hall and her two wedding dresses. As a matter of fact, she’s been in contact with the designer and has paid part of her dress bill. The only problem is, Cassandra is not engaged, she’s not in a relationship and she doesn’t even have a potential suitor.
It’s perfectly normal to have your big day planned in your head, I know I have ideas of what I want and ideal locations for my future wedding whether in Lagos or outside, I once had a wedding scrapbook where I wrote down ideas and pasted pictures of the wedding dresses I wanted. I said I was planning my wedding by ‘faith’ but eventually kept the planning in my head especially since every quarter I had to change my mind on the dress I wanted. Even with all of this, I never thought of actually contacting a designer and paying down on the dress I would wear for my wedding day because one thing was missing…a fiancé.

Cassandra may sound extreme to you but she represents a number of women in and outside Lagos who are planning their weddings ‘by faith’. The bible says, ‘Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen’, therefore, Cassandra hopes for her wedding and now has the evidence of what is yet to be seen.
I remember watching the movie titled ‘Mrs Somebody’ starring Uche Jombo-Rodriguez and thought to myself ‘surely this is an exaggeration’ of what girls do to get married but today I officially apologize to the script writer and everyone else for that assumption because as I watched Cassandra show me her dress designs, shoes and her recent call log showing that she has been in touch with the designer and I could only worry for her well being and sanity. What happens if she is still single by her set date or if things may have changed that could affect the possibility of her getting married. I don’t want to sound like the party popper here but does anyone know tomorrow?
As I continued to ponder on Cassandra’s drastic measures, I came across this skit on YouTube by Yomi Black featuring Dolapo Oni (who is not a bad actress by the way) which had me laughing and thinking of the whole marriage by faith idea. Why have we become so desperate? By all means imagine your dream day and maybe have tentative plans in your head but contacting the designer and paying for a wedding dress when you don’t even have a boyfriend is somewhat disturbing.
I know this is a new year and girls are not smiling but abeg una suppose chill small….


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7 thoughts on “MARRIAGE BY FAITH”

  1. Nice write up. It is one of those thing that faith & religion has done to our psyche in this part of world where the system isnt working. We resort to faith. And you would also agree with me that a whole lot of marriages are also surviving by the same thread of faith. Good 1 Ms.


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