Somewhere in Enugu

Cassandra isn’t alone after all, the marriage by faith fever continues.
Somewhere in Enugu, the pastor of a branch of Winners Chapel during a church service asked all the single women to wear wedding dresses to church if they want to get married this year. The next Sunday, single women stormed the church service in wedding dresses and were asked to sit in front to receive special prayers with some ‘seed sowing’ involved

And this weekend , the exploitation continues:

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8 thoughts on “Somewhere in Enugu”

  1. Sigh! This is just…what if they dont all get married this year? What if they marry murderers, fraudsters, wifebeaters etc? All na marriage abi?


  2. At least they found their wedding gown, that is after attending the “who stole my wedding gown” programme

    I’m just sad that society has made marriage a do or die affair! Let’s not talk about you being in an abusive relationship, at least he proposed! He’s cheating on you? That’s alright cos he got you a “jimp” and takes the family on holidays in Dubai!

    It’s just sad, sadder that women stoop this low for a title (Mrs). I didn’t see anything about men wearing their “wedding suits”, everytime I see/read things about marriage it’s always about women!!
    I don’t know if it was the leading of the Holy Spirit or not but I personally am not in support of this.

    God help our future “single and ripe for marriage” female generation


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