Even though Lagos is a melting point of cultures, there are particular traits that resonate among a set group of men who may have been born or lived in Lagos for a very long time.  From the occasional white kaftans to the Lagos ‘swagger’, a typical Lagos Boy is one that cannot be missed.

Here are 10 ways to know if the guy in question is a typical Lagos Boy:

He believes in ‘packaging’
In Lagos, packaging refers to the way you present yourself, in most cases in a way that should enhance your value to others. A typical Lagos boy understands this and therefore invests in the right outfits, the latest gadgets, luxurious cars and maybe a short course in one of the ivy leagues graduate schools.

He is a hustler
Ever heard them call Lagos the city of hustlers? Well true to the title, the typical Lagos boy is always chasing one contract or the other or knows someone who knows someone who can do something at a cheaper price regardless of size and industry.

He is a spender
A typical Lagos boy believes in enjoying the luxuries of life so he will spend his money on the little things from spa treatments to popping champagne in clubs; although he would tend to do more of the latter than the former.

He is an events animal
No matter his age, a typical Lagos boy will be at almost any party or major event there is in this city. His motive is to let everyone know that he was there and also to mingle with the crème de la crème.

He loves to network
The question ‘So what do you do?’ is not an opportunity for small talk but a chance for him to know how to place you as a person. A typical Lagos boy knows the importance of connections especially in future business deals so he’ll want to know what you do and how you could be of use to him in the nearest future. They usually know someone in any viable industry.

He is an Old boy
Although it may not apply in all cases but majority of the typical Lagos Boys either graduated from Kings College or at some point in their lives attended Kings College for a period of time

He does not want liabilities
Listen to me ladies, if you have liabilities like lots of younger ones that you are ‘training’ or parents that depend on you for a monthly income, then you are not the type of girl who a typical Lagos boy will go after. He wants a woman who comes with no stress and no bills but with tangible assets that could help his overall ‘package’. So the next time you meet a guy that asks ‘What does your father do?’  in your first conversation then know that he wants to figure out if you are an asset or liability.

He thinks the mainland is too far
Refer to my open letter to Mr Islander for more details

He loves to deliver goodies
Whether it is your birthday or just because it’s another day, a typical Lagos boy loves the efizzy of delivery and he will have cupcakes, flowers and other random things delivered to you much to the envy of your colleagues and friends.

He will show you off
It doesn’t matter if you are the main chic or the side chic, a typical Lagos boy will show you off to all his friends and some family. Problem is, only his friends know your position in his life while you continue to believe it’s all about you.

So there you have it, Miss Gidi’s guide to identifying a typical Lagos boy, I know there may be more but these are the ones I can remember for now.

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Mz Gidi

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9 thoughts on “10 SIGNS THAT HE IS A LAGOS BOY”

  1. hmmm. Ms Gidi, this applies to the lagos boys that live in canada! like the packaging part most especially. I’m a ph girl and my blood can’t stand lagos guys for the life of me. The showoff is too extreme, they be dying of hunger but the gucci and hermes belt comes first. Fake life, i just can’t deal

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  2. In addition to not wanting a Liability is the first question a guy pop is ‘ if you live alone.. If yes’ an Asset’ then what do you do ??
    Or u live with your parents’ what does your father do’… MGHUA

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  3. I represent my city to the fullest..no time for liabilities and we always clean up all day everyday..Omo eko gidi gan gan


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