Can you imagine? It’s been 10 days since my last update, I apologise o….living and working in this Lasgidi takes a lot of your time and energy without realising it. Anyway, before I begin on the topic, I would like to say that I did not ‘forget’ to post on Valentine’s day, actually I chose not to write about the dreaded day of terrible Lagos traffic with flowers and cupcakes being the most purchased products of the day. Radio stations playing love songs as people called in to dedicate special messages to their loved ones, everybody had something to say about love so why should I? *shrug* Before you think I am hating on all the lovers out there, let me move on to the topic of the day.

One of the cleaners in my office got beat up by an area boy a.k.a agebro a few days ago, the story is that on her way to work, this random stranger decided to chat her up and when she refused to pay attention, he then beat her leaving her with scars and a swollen lip. So for the last few days I have been watching her limp into work and perform her cleaning duties in the fastest possible way which is nowhere close to the rate she used to clean.

Then I came across this, a story of a young girl who was killed because she refused to accept the sexual advances of a few cult members and it reminded me so much of another lady sometime in 2001/2 that was raped  by a cult member in Unilag because she refused to date him, although she was not killed like Odusanya, I can be certain that she was left damaged and hurt and hopefully she has overcome the pain from that nightmare in her life.

It is no longer news that we have lunatics roaming the streets of Lagos, even the way people drive shows there are certain people who should be booked in the psychiatric hospital in Yaba but if you think those are the only kind of mad men in Lagos then I’m sorry for you o.

Recently, I met someone, whom I would call Mr Stranger. Mr Stranger is friends and family to some of my mutual friends so when I got a Facebook friend request from him I thought it can’t be that bad to accept and get to know more people, nothing wrong with expanding your network right? Anyway sha, this brother in the Lord turned out to be good-looking, had a ‘profession’ and was from a good home so there was no way I could have questioned his sanity or wonder if my life was at stake. Before you judge me, let me say that people meet other people online all the time and I have made a few good friends over the internet in all my years of writing and being active on social media sites.

Anyway Mr Stranger turned out to be a psycho, a liar, a substance abuser e.t.c and in just a week of knowing him I was subjected to a verbal/written exchange as a display of his mental state. I’ll save the details of what happened within a week of knowing Mr Stranger for another day because the story is long! But I am indeed grateful to God for dodging that bullet. I can’t shout abeg.

I call these men mad because there’s no justification for the way they behave, who really wakes up in the morning and decides to attack someone else especially someone who may not be able to fight back. They remind me so much of secondary school bullies that would go out of their way to hurt you just to prove a point and claim supremacy.

After my experience with Mr Stranger, I think we need a new force to have random mental checks on people roaming the streets of Lagos to certify if they are mentally fit, lots of ladies both young and old are falling prey to these kind of men who are mentally unstable and not all of them survive it. It’s really unfortunate for my office cleaner and for Miss Odusanya that got killed but I encourage more women to be careful and if possible learn to physically defend themselves.

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5 thoughts on “MAD MEN WALKING”

  1. Really sad how these children(I can’t call them men) can’t understand that they can’t have everything!
    Beating/raping/killing another person because they don’t want to give you the time of the day just shows that you should not be left without supervision and probably a white jacket without sleeves(yaba left things)
    May The Lord protect us from “I’m the king of the world ” children!!


      1. Started watching Criminal minds again and getting a bit of insight into the minds of perverts, sociopaths and what have you 🙂
        Some of them are just born that way, others are just a product of the choices made and environmental factors.

        I think childhood traits might be another reason, children need to learn that they cannot have everything and they may have been taught that and just refused to apply that teaching.

        All in all, I concur with the name “Mad Men”


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