They say ‘if you’ve got it flaunt it’ and that’s exactly what I had in mind when I decided to  wear my burnt orange one-handed short dress on Saturday. After one week of working hard and feeling ‘unsexy’, I decided that was going to be the day I go all out. This may not be a big thing to you but for me it’s huge because I am more of a conservative dresser and I love being comfortable so you’ll usually find me in long dresses and trousers… but last Saturday sha I was not going to have it, I was determined to wear that short dress to go to the salon…yes salon!

With time you’ll get to know that I go to the salon a lot, not because I am vain but because somehow something takes me the salon every week, whether it’s my hair or eyebrows or nails or pedicure, I just end up in the salon for at least an hour every weekend. Also the salon is one of the best places to know what’s happening in Lagos and listen to random gist; plus I have run into a few celebrities in salons and if only I could share the before pictures but let’s just say make-up and weave is very good to some women.

Anyway last Saturday, I walked into one of my usual salons feeling like Naomi Campbell with my sunshades on (because it adds to the ‘entrance’) and gave my signature Miss Gidi smile which has the ability to melt the hearts of anyone (an asset I got from my mama *wink*). The hair stylists were singing my praises and saying things like ‘ah aunty you go dash me this your dress o’ knowing well that it’s not the dress but who wears it, after all if Aunty Uche decided to wear the dress, it would be a blouse thanks to her 40G boobs giving it a lift and Yewande would make the dress look like a maxi but that’s not the point here.

Shortly after my entrance and usual small talk with instructions on what I wanted done, the owner of the salon who is pretty young, came over to say hello and advertise their new spa service especially the body exfoliation with full body massage package. Now to you it may seem like an innocent advert but this wasn’t my first time in the salon and they’ve had this package for over a month now which he never told me about on any of my weekly visits to the salon but hey who cares right?.  He then offered me a discount letting me know that if I decided to get it done within the next 2 weeks, I could pay 10,000 naira instead of the usual 20,000 naira.

Of course as a Gidi babe, I knew 10,000 was a good deal but I wanted more (you can’t blame a girl for trying her luck) so I told him how I could not afford it with my current salary  and would have to take his offer when I became a ‘bigs babes’. We all laughed about it until a certain gentleman who had been paying attention decided to join the conversation and offered to pay my bill, actually the conversation went like this

Gentleman: Ah ah how can a fine lady like you not be able to afford it?

Me: But I can’t though, is it fine you use to pay?

Gentleman: What about your husband or boyfriend? Just call him and he will pay for you

Me: *laughing* If I had, I would have called him by now but I take care of myself

Gentleman: Hmmm even though I don’t believe you, let me take care of you this once, no strings attached o but tell them the day you want to come in and I’ll settle the bill now 

Me: Are you serious?

Gentleman: Talk before I change my mind

Change which mind? if na joke stop am… Omo I told the salon owner day and time sharply, of course after checking my calendar to form busy schedule; then I thanked this gentleman for his kind gesture as he walked towards the till with the salon owner to pay for my session. After all of this, Yewande turns to me and goes ‘Ah Aunty you don turn Sisi Hot legs, abeg dey wear mini come o’

And this is another reason why I love being single in Lagos…

Have a great week guys

Miss Gidi

Aunty Naomi, my role model


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12 thoughts on “SISI HOT LEGS”

  1. haha! this is too funny!

    1) We’d love reviews/recommendations on good salons in Lagos…and who better to write one than one who visits salons almost once every week!! Checkout for more info…
    2) Your whole story #seeeen! I didn’t know there are nice guys in Lagos oh! i.e. no strings attached kinda guys…i mean, i currently don’t live in Lagos but i’ve heard horror stories! plus, i’m thinking about this now and not quite sure i’d have accepted the offer..don’t know why…am i the only one?

    anyway, nice read. really hope you’d contribute to reviewnaija soon 🙂


    1. 1) would love to send in reviews…being a salon hopper that i am

      2) there a few nice ones but u have to be careful sha, i was just lucky..very lucky… doubt i would have a repeat any time soon


      1. Abeg sisi hot legs, what is d name of the saloon plus I like ur blog they’re very educative and I will like u to educate me on how to fix up my blog and make it look superb like urs get back to me because I like ur personality and I’m currently on d search for quality friends my pin is (BB pin 2924CBC8) u can also visit my blog on (winks)


        1. Hi Ritalolly, The name of the salon is boys 2men…lol. Don’t worry they also do hair for ladies even though they have more barbing seats.

          WordPress has a lot of templates to choose from, simply pick one most appealing to you and customize it to what you would like. That’s what I did for mine.

          You can add the single in Gidi bb Chanel by scanning the code at the top right of the blog…that way u can chat with me :).
          Just go to your bbm> select channels > select more>select scan to join …scan the code at the top right and voila! We can gist all day. Lol.

          Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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