Single and Smooth in Lagos (Part 2)

I should have come up with a better title instead of a failed attempt to sound like a badly scripted Nollywood movie but hey you can cut a sister some slack right? Anyway, after the last post I decided to send my profile to Jumoke..I know, scary! but the inquisitive side of me wanted to know how much response and the kind of men that would be attracted to the simple complexity. So yesterday, Jumoke read out my profile on Smooth 98.1, and it attracted a few men but only 10 scaled through the gruelling process that Jumoke put them through which included math questions, what they could cook, and genre of music they listened to.

Sadly I could not use Miss Gidi because Jumoke insisted on having a ‘name’  so I gave her ‘Amaka’ and I got to have a chat with her minutes before the show. Jumoke is really cool by the way and I was surprised by the response the profile received; it was an amazing experience and here are a few things I learned from it:

1. Some men are reckless – I know this is not news but when a certain man called in and said ‘I would like to know that Amaka of a girl’ the first thing that came to my head was ‘oh hell to the no, I don’t speak reckless’

2. Not everyone knows the importance of Google – Even though it is forgiven that most people do not know the meaning of sapiosexual, I  expected that the callers would ‘google’ the word before calling in. Some dude claimed to be sapiosexual, then admitted he didn’t know the meaning when put on the spot by Jumoke before he eventually said he was sexually attracted to my profile #pause -_-

3. Most men can cook  stew – Each time Jumoke asked what meals the caller could cook, they always mentioned stew (and indomie), a few could cook things outside the usual but at least now you know no one can go wrong with rice and stew. There was the one guy that said he could cook everything because he used to work as a chef in a hotel but if I remember clearly,  I said a man who knew his way around the kitchen not one who lives in there. 

 4. Some men want intelligent women – To everyone that says Nigerian men only love dumb women so they can control well this experience has proved you wrong. Some Nigerian men like women they can have proper conversations with and who know what they want, so if you are yet to meet one of those men,  maybe you need to send your profile to Jumoke. :p

 5. Always be yourself – This experience has proved that you don’t need to ‘edit’ your personality or profile to suit what is in popular demand. Be yourself and those that like you will step up to you at the end of the day. I actually expected no one to call in based on the ‘strict’ demands but a lot of intelligent men did, by the way, 10 has to be highest number of men that has called to show interest on any profile being read on air. (would need to confirm from Jumoke)

Picking a ‘finalist’ was not only fun but a bit difficult; of the 10 that got through, there were a few interesting ones like Frank the documentary film maker, Ayo the singing Accountant, Chris the indomie slayer and Mr Kym the multi-talented. Each of them had striking personalities that made me want to know more but I could only choose one.

I ended up picking the gentleman who was able to have a proper conversation with Jumoke, possessed a good sense of humour, showed the most interest by texting to ask for the station’s numbers so he could call (50 naira for text is not small money), spoke quite well and didn’t see a need to talk down on any of the other callers who called in so he could be picked.


I chose Mr Kym, the business analyst by day and DJ by nights and weekends.

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