The Truth Coming Back Home (to Nigeria) to Find a Wife (A Response)

New posts are usually put up on Wednesdays BUT in the spirit of the long weekend here’s a response by Sims to a previous post (

I have a few questions sha but I will save them for later

The WordSmith's Journal

When my friend, Miss Gidi, asked me to come up with a male version of this post I actually began by laughing. Of course it was an honour to be asked to guest post, but I didn’t fully understand exactly what was required and of course the title was funny. However, after reading through the comments (cheers peculiarlight) I now know what I need to write.

I have a particular friend who, if asked why he is single, will go on about how it’s quite hard to find a good woman in this Lagos. Note that I said ‘hard to find’ and not that these good women don’t exist and so I fully concur with Miss Gidi’s assertation about there being lots of correct single women. But I also understand where my friend is coming from and so think i need to break some stuff down so y’all understand where I’m…

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One thought on “The Truth Coming Back Home (to Nigeria) to Find a Wife (A Response)”

  1. Loool..i am now confused..i think you men re jst confused…i am igbo and i dnt beliv in kneeling down to greet anyone..i understand that is yoruba culture but aint nobody got time for that..


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