The Female Fine Art of Fronting

I had to ask Sims to respond to my last post on Understanding why women front. Like most women, I needed to know what men think and what they prefer…so far I am still confused sha, I guess that’s why women would never understand men but here is what Sims had to say

The WordSmith's Journal

Miss Gidi and I agreed we would do a guy/girl duet on the topic of fronting. So here it is.

Like many people out there and perhaps some of you readers, I’m of the opinion that fronting is unnecessary and silly. But then again, my complete lack of fronting led me to be so honest and upfront in one relationship, that I ended up going to the other extreme and becoming a victim of my own passion. But that’s for another day.

However, that experience has shown me a few things in recent years and it has led me to the conclusion that although its on the whole quite stupid, SOME level of fronting is required, especially for the ladies. I say some because you don’t want to go overboard and drive a good guy away (as pointed out by the ladies commenting on Single in Gidi), but you also don’t want the…

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