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WELCOME TO THE MONTH OF JULY!!!!! The month of fabulosity and greatness because it is my birthday month!!! yayyy!!!

I’m not going to tell you what day of the month it is but I will tell you that it falls on a Tuesday so I will be celebrating every Tuesday till July is over and as  part of my celebration, I have decided to give 5 lucky winners a chance to get a gift from me (I’m obviously too nice). The gifts are:

A Makeup Makeover from Iposhlooks (Makeup only)

HAIRVEN Weave Care gift set from Hairven (which will include a voucher for a free weave wash)

Beautiful chiffon fabric from Fumi Fumz (5 yards of any design of your choice)


A box of customized cupcakes from Gidicakes

A portion of Cocktail bites from Food Inc.

Pretty cool gifts if I may say so myself BUT does this mean I get nothing in return? Ummm NO!, it means you get to give me the best birthday gift by doing the following:

  1. Like Single in Gidi on Facebook
  2. Follow Single in Gidi on Twitter and Instagram
  3. Using the picture below and the hashtag #singleingidi, share the funniest ‘toasting’ lines you’ve heard in Lagos (For Example; ‘I like a woman that is ‘full’ #singleingidi’ or ‘I love you baby, talk your own #singleingidi’ )
  4. To avoid confusion, leave me a comment on the Facebook timeline indicating that you have done #1-3 above. (optional)


By doing the above, you will automatically get a chance to win one of the gifts listed above for you or for a friend. Here are some additional guidelines

  1. Only entries made between the 1st and 31st of July 2014 are valid.
  2. The funniest 5 will be picked based on its originality and will be announced on the 5th of August 2014.
  3. Everyone is welcome, however deliveries will be made in LAGOS only
  4. Multiple entries are very welcome 🙂

Guys, I admit the gifts are more for the ladies but you are free to join the fun and win the gift for a lady in your life (mother, sister, wife, girlfriend, sidechic).

Married friends of the blog are also welcome to join the fun 🙂

Lots of love,




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8 replies

  1. Happy birthday in advance and I miss you, but if I told you what day in July you’d probably figure it out, we’ll there goes the clue.


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