A note to the newly engaged

You just got engaged, you are getting married to the man of your dreams (I pray), you have announced your engagement on all the social networking sites and are currently overwhelmed with the congratulatory messages from family, friends and acquaintances while trying to figure out if your fairy tale wedding will become a reality.

I am happy for you, I have put up a pic of your bling and gushed at how perfect your proposal story is (was probably a part of the planning) but you’ve been acting strange and I need to call you out on a few things that you are doing very wrong which needs to be fixed:

  1. Don’t go all spiritual on me: which also goes for you being ‘highly moral’. The ring on your finger does not mean you have now found God so stop with the constant sermons, offering me prayers and/or giving me moral advice. We both know your track record before you settled for this man so before you start listing different rules that you never followed or constantly quoting scriptures from the bible, stop, think and think again.
  2. Don’t try to hook me up with the next single man you find: You see I would understand if you did this before you got engaged but trying to hook me up with any Tom, Dick or Harry now you have the ring is a bit irritating. Actually, it makes it look like you’ve always known these great guys but you’ve been hiding them from me because you wanted them for yourself (kinda like alternatives). This also goes for trying to hook me up with your fiance’s best friend, brother or cousin or that guy you’ve friendzoned for the last 5 years.
  3. Stop trying to sell my market: By this I mean telling so many guys what a nice girl I am and how I am very down to earth and very available to be plucked. Give them a chance to get to know me first, let me sell my market myself no matter how long it takes me,.
  4. Don’t feel bad for me: Saying things like ‘I don’t know how you will feel’ or ‘I hope you don’t mind because it is a couples’ thing’ or constantly asking me ‘how I am coping’ does not make you a considerate friend, instead it makes you a paranoid friend who believes your ring has suddenly made me unhappy and/or jealous.
  5. Don’t offer me unsolicited relationship advice: which also applies to ‘settling’ advice, I know no one is perfect but stop with the ‘you just have to manage’ conversation because unless you want to give me the impression that you are managing.

Now that we have that out of the way, I would like to say that I am so happy that you are about to walk down the aisle with the man you truly love and I understand you care for me but PLEASE I am single not diseased.







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11 thoughts on “A note to the newly engaged”

  1. I feel,since it engagement seasonmits like they’ve found the holy grail of “hooking” a man so you should be previlegde that they want to share it with you.and then when you call em up for hangouts its me and my “fiance” are gardening etc. Phewwwww


  2. I wish I could give you a big hug!!! That spirikoko thing is just all sorts of annoying!!
    All points listed are valid and approved by me!!
    P.S, did you get my email?


  3. Took the words clean out of my mouth. All it means to me is that you will no longer be available to me and I must bend myself to be available to you graciously (as I am a child of God already). Nuff said.


  4. lol this seems specifically targeted. more lol @ 2, 3, and 4. this is just all sorts of hilarious. you have to manage, though? really can’t stop laughing.


  5. Reblogged this on qUiRkYtImS and commented:
    Today’s post is a repost from singleingidi and it hit some nails on the head, at least for me 🙂
    It’s not a “hatur” post but just to bring order into some people’s lives hehehe(my opinion)

    This blog is all sorts of awesome and I think you’ll love it, hit the subscribe button and you’ll thank me later *wink wink*
    Enjoy and keep in smiling xxxx


  6. Lol. Number 4 makes said friend sound like a condescending turd. All the sanctimony following the engagement is so bloody insincere too. So you got a ring and all of a sudden you’re the vicar of Christ on earth? Lolz. Good write up jare. Spot on


  7. No.4 sounds so patronizing. I have only had one of my friends get married as i don’t have many friends, i sincerely hope non of them pull this mess. They shouldn’t assume youwant to be married right now or that you are jealous of their new status .

    Don’t let them get to you o


  8. This is hilarious. LOL @ number 3 – “selling my market”. Please can you do a post on what happens next i. e. the engagement is done, and it’s time to plan the wedding. Have heard too many horror stories recently on brides to be driving their friends/bridesmaids mad with unreasonable wedding expenses and other demands.


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