Girls just want to have fun

Happy Eid-El-Fitri!…and sadly the four day weekend has come to an end, now we all have to get ready to go back to work and our normal lives *sigh*

Anyway, last weekend happened to be my busiest so far as my good friend got married and I happened to be her maid of honour. This would be my second time being a bridesmaid and my first as the MOH so it was a bit of an experience. In summary, it was a lot of work but I enjoyed every bit of it as I watched her turn from Miss O to Mrs O. But this post is not about the wedding; it’s about other things that need to be addressed.

I love to dance, as a matter of fact, the story is that I started walking at 1yr 3months (yes I was taking my time) because the music player stopped working while I was dancing so I walked up to it and pushed it down so it would work (I mean while mess up with a young lady’s groove). This hasn’t changed much because even at my current age of ‘18’, I still love to dance and when I decide to go dancing, the last thing I need or want is for my groove/rhythm to be messed up, especially by thirsty men who insist you must dance with them!

Someone needs to send the memo across to some men that when certain chics show up at a party or at the club to dance it’s because they want to have fun and not to hook up with men. I refuse to believe that responsible women go to clubs to hook up with men unless of course you are of a ‘certain trade’? So you can sense my utter disgust when my girls and I could not just dance in peace over the weekend.

After the festivities were all over, my girls and I decided we would go out to have fun, we all travelled to be a part of the wedding so this was our way of unwinding before heading back home. I must admit each one of us happened to be good dancers in our own right and the DJ was on point…good music, good dancers and drinks so you know it was bound to be epic. The only problem we had were the men who wouldn’t let us breathe, we were constantly interrupted by men who only had plans to ‘corner’ us. At some point we felt we had to protect ourselves from men who would strategically place themselves behind us for a session of anticipated slow grinding and possibly dry humping. What made it more annoying was that each time we turned these men down we would get questions like ‘Why won’t you dance with me?’ ‘What’s the deal with you?’’Why did you come out then?”Are you lesbian or bi-sexual?’ only because we refused to dance with any of the men in question. -_-

In order to understand the male point of view on this experience, my questions today are for the guys, when you go out and see a bunch of ladies dancing? what comes to mind? do you at any point consider that they just want to dance without being disturbed? Or are all women who come out dancing branded a certain way?…Ladies you are welcome to comment

And for the record, none of us were dressed seductively or even wore heels before someone comes with the outfit debate.






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5 thoughts on “Girls just want to have fun”

  1. I find this hilarious. The slow grinding and dry humping expectations. I think men are not as free to dance with men as women are to dance with women. When you see two men dancing with each other in the club, what comes to your mind? Be honest.

    The option for a guy then would be to dance alone and that’s just plain disturbing and pathetic. So if he didn’t drag any of his female friends along he’s bound to look for a willing female to dance with (cut some slack, maybe not to hook up or slow grind, maybe just to dance). Or he could sit in the corner and sip champagne.


  2. Lol! We ladies get away with many things. If i see a group of ladies hanging out dancing, no qualms. But if i see a group of guys….. looool that is totally strange. Never even seen such. But I sure would hate it if some total stranger tries to pull me or one of my friends to dance/grind with them.


  3. lol!!! i think women need to understand that clubs/bars etc are viewed as hunting grounds by men. Its a numbers game , so you position your self behind 10 ladies for a session of ‘free’ grinding at least 4 or 5 out of 10 women wont complain lol unfortunately this is how most guys think especially when we are under the influence of alcohol .
    Nice blog btw!!


  4. Lol I think men just have to behave themselves! The fact that some girls fall cheaply by hunting for men in the club does not make every other girl woman fall in the same category. If I go out to catch some fun in a dance club with my besties (girls) and a nigga (man – guy) tries to interupt and start acting funny, I’d simply give him my fist so he gets it right…
    Nice post….. I like …..


  5. LOL…i think men just find it strange that we want our girls only time….it really is downright annoying,esp at the club..every gal is sterotyped into the HO zones now..once ure unaccompanied to the club with a man..ure free agent…arrgh!


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