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7 thoughts on “WOMEN PROPOSING TO MEN”

  1. Like I said on my BB pm last night when I yanked this picture off Instagram, if a woman can be President then a woman can (freely) propose to a man. #Hilary2016


  2. I think when the word proposal comes to mind people imagine the whole romantic kneeling down thing with a ring as shown in the picture above.

    A lot of proposals are quiet and poignant. A simple Marry me, I want to wake up to your face every morning, is good enough. We sort out the ring and wedding details later. If that’s how you’re feeling it and you know he feeling you too, why not?

    But of course, be sure. Cos this thing can backfire as it has for several men Lol


  3. God forbid! Very disturbing trend, this is the height of desperation and they wonder why some men no longer want to be responsible in the western world.


  4. I voted hell to the no. If you want to , great for you but a guy who doesn’t realise he wants to be with you forever should not ‘helped’. What if he says NO? Hian !


  5. men are typical hunters,dey dont wanna be hunted..once dis role is reversed,u cant get the ultimate satisfaction,it will always be ‘is it bcus i proposed to u”


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