Staying Neutral

Sims finally got to answer my question on being neutral in female drama.

The WordSmith's Journal

Guys, I’m sure this situation has happened to you before. Your female friend who you’ve been friends with for quite a long time, introduces you to another female friend of hers. You all become friends, it’s all good, all of a sudden you have another female friend to hang out with. And then one day, your two female friends fight. Opari.

By the way, this is a request by Miss Gidi. I always get excited when she asks me to write, though this is quite late. E ma binu Ma.

Ok back to this scenario. So what do you now do? Easiest thing would be to ignore them both right? But we kind of know that’s not exactly possible. So then, who do you owe your loyalties to? In fact, should loyalty even come into the equation? Maybe not, but it does anyway; these are women we’re talking about, and…

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