This is the line where I introduce myself, but I’m thinking “how do you introduce anonymity?” Anyway, I am Mizz Wakadugbe and you can think of me as that person who keeps you constantly “whet” with information on the best places in our good old gidi, where you can grab a bite, hand the keys to a designated driver and indulge just enough to start feeling “nice”, or sway to rhythms of the night.

One of such places reminds me of a song with the following lines:

When marimba rhythms start to play
Dance with me, make me sway
Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore
Hold me close, sway me more…”

Any ideas yet? No? Yes? Let’s keep going a bit, shall we?

Since I am the lady of the Lagos hotspots (that’s what Miss Gidi called me o), expect to get first hand reviews of where to go and what to do on a weekend out in Lagos. You would be amazed what you’ll find in this crazy city from classic parties to well coded restaurants and exclusive wine bars…if it’s in this Las Gidi, trust me to find it and bring it to you here on Single in Gidi.

I remember one of the best parties I ever attended. It was a beach party on a private island, t and I had everything you need for a truly banging party! There were hot people everywhere, A-list celebs, food and more than enough to drink. The vibes were real. Nobody wanted to leave …okay I am ranting again

Source: Swe Facebook Page

Last weekend, my girls and I decided to let our hair down and enjoy what Lagos has to offer..we ended up at “Swé” located at the City Mall in Onikan, this lounge has been around for a while but this time there was something a bit different to it, not only was it the perfect place to let tensions loose and let the atmosphere sway us to glorious heights, it was the perfect networking opportunity as the society’s cream of the crop were also in attendance that night. *wink wink*

The music was great and food was delicious but most of all the drinks were affordable all night long, not like we had to pay for most of it but at least we knew that if anything happens, we could still handle the bill LOL…

This is just my introduction, next week I will have something a bit more detailed for you but for now you should try out Swé tonight for something laid back in the early evening and something vibrant later at night…

Location: 2nd Floor City Mall, Onikan (Opposite the Muson Centre)

I’m out.

Mizz Wakadugbe


Happy Friday!!! (in the typical Nigerian way)

As you can see the SIG is growing and now we have Mizz Wakadugbe who is the lady of the Lagos hotspots. Occasionally I get asked where to go and what to do in Lagos and most times I actually have no clue because I tend to do the same things over and over again, which is why I had to ask for the help of Mizz Wakadugbe here to recommend spots on the blog. 

Her column WHET is  her take and suggestions of places to try out in Lagos, from restaurants, amusement parks (when they exist) and even a lineup of events that you may want to try. If you have something or somewhere you would like her to visit or try then simply send an email to singleingidi@yahoo.com and she will be there live ..she’s not a wakadugbe for nothing LOL

Anyway do have a great weekend fam and welcome Mizz Wakadugbe to the team 


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8 thoughts on “WHET: SWE BAR”

  1. Well miss wakadugbe I don’t think u ve wakad enuff u guys always talk bout places on d high land come to d main land like festac for example rumors club to be precise it’s a place to be will update u on more Waka Waka tins around see ya


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