My mama taught me to keep quiet if I had nothing good to say about anything. In my head, that gave me license to never shut up when I had something good to say. Therefore, I am usually the one to keep raving about something good so much that you could change my name to Mizz Talk-Talk and be absolutely right…anyway (as Miss Gidi likes to say)

Hi beautiful people of Gidi! How una dey?

As usual, my two left legs carried me to a place so lovely, I would absolutely cry if I didn’t share it with you.

Last weekend, I had a date with one bros like that (which we shall not talk about) and ended up going to a place called Bangkok for dinner but before I continue let me just confess that I fall my hand small sha because when he said to meet him at Bangkok, I responded “Bangkok ke? Is that one not in Thailand? I be winch? Na fly I go fly reach?”

*covers face* #dontjudgeme

Source: Vconnect

With no small amount of trepidation, I arrived this small restaurant practically hidden by flowers and other buildings. I actually drove past it before locating it.

Honestly, I was not expecting much from this place and had begun to “look” at my date with left-eye. Which kain hole-in-the-wall place be this one?

The minute I walked through the doors though, I was smiling a little. It has this quaint romantic feel and look. Sure, they need to do some upgrades, but it has a charm that appeals. And I was greeted by this tiny and extremely beautiful obviously Thai hostess. She even taught me their way of greeting, which I honestly cannot remember now to save my life.

After razzing my date a bit (you know I had to!), I ordered a full on 3-course meal and journeyed to blissdom when it arrived. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love fantastic meals, especially spicy ones.Sue me! My love for spicy almost had me choking when Chef Paul came out to say hello and find out if we were enjoying the meal. He cracked some jokes I couldn’t possibly repeat here. I was in stitches laughing.

IMG_20141031_135746[1] IMG_20141031_135729[1] IMG_20141031_135732[1] IMG_20141031_135742[1]

They served us this beautifully carved watermelon after. I felt like a sinner eating it.

For someone as hard to please as I am when it comes to food, I give Bangkok full points for delivery and quality. To enjoy their meals, you do have to have some significant cash on you or in your account. They don’t come cheap, but are not expensive either. Mid range, I’d say. If you like discovering out-of-the-way places, find your way to this charming restaurant located in Muri Okunola street, VI.

And for those who think I am stuck on the island, na where I see I go waka go now. Send me invites to places you absolutely love: bar, restaurant, dance club, cafe, wherever! I will gladly visit and try to see why you love it too.

Location: 244A Muri Okunola Street, Victoria Islad


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  1. meh, Bangkok is absolutely rubbish when it comes to service. I love thai/south east asian food so much that i dedicated a month of my life eating through the countries. So when it comes to thai, I can always be counted on to come verrrrry hungry.
    My friends and I (about 10 of us) decided to grab dinner there at 7pm on a Friday. The food came out 1hr later, and by 9pm these Bangkok people started trying to shut down while we were still on the 3rd course! I kid you not, they first packed up the chairs around us and the unused ones on our table, by flipping them on top of the table. Then they went on to turning the lights off around us, leaving only the ones in our area on. It was like film trick, we couldn’t believe what was happening that all we could do was laugh out of shock.
    With regards to their food, it is spot on…a bit pricey sha. It’s hard to spend $100 on meals I spent $1 on. Pattaya is absolutely rubbish, not even worth mentioning.
    The next time I have thai food cravings, I’ll just cook it myself and save myself the money and insult.


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