I think it was a Friday night, the first time I discovered another meaning to “Miliki”. Lagos was in the throes of the Festive Season euphoria. Victoria Island was bright with shimmering lights and happy people.

This came to mind as I put pen to paper, because the Festive vibe is creeping its way back and before you know what’s going on, the IJGB’s will return in full force “fone” and activities will skyrocket like dollar rates.

I had just attended a product launch event and I won’t even lie, I was feeling like a serious Sisi Eko in my outfit and I had the attention of a fine brother. When he asked that we go to a Jazz club that had just opened, yours truly was quick to cross my legs at the front seat of his car while smiling pretty and thinking ‘Oya, make we dey go na’..

My first impression of Miliki still leaves me with the most calming effect. It had this kinda laidback Parisian vibe going on. Eclectic mix of people either stood or sat around this cosy room surrounded by books in different genres. The low thrum of voices blended in with the rhythmic jazz being played by a band whose name I forgot to ask for. Tinkles of laughter followed the soft clinking of wine glasses and just like that I had finally found my favourite hangout spot!

Lagos has been undergoing an arts revolution in recent years and the rise of deep thinkers has brought a beautiful new vibe to Gidi. Miliki happens to be the perfect melting pot for everyone artsy or people who just appreciate an environment where they can think while being immersed in a social culture they can draw inspiration from.

If to say na so love dey take happen, I for don fall for my Mister Oga just for bringing me to a slice of heaven. With a glass of wine in hand, I settled down to do one of my favourite pastimes- People Watching. There were all kinds of people around. Famous Names lounged on sofas having conversations or reading books from the shelves. The waitresses were not “in-your-face” like you see at a lot of places, but they were always there when you needed them. I must say I was rather impressed by their service, polite, friendly with the right amount of ‘distance’ for your privacy.

Miliki is the perfect location for people like me who are not always in the mood for the “Bang bang, Boom Boom”, BUT here’s the catch, it’s “Members Only”.

That almost sucked away my delight even though I could accept that it has to be that way to keep it the way it is. I cannot quite remember how much it costs to be a member, but I recall it had me shrinking a bit…I lie, I just don’t want to write the amount in this post but you can check here sha

If you’ve got the money and you’ve got the right kind of passion, please invite me along whenever you register. Better still, sign me up!


Mizz Wakadugbe

Miliki is located at Etim Inyang street, off Muri Okunola street, VI.

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