Introducing Single and Searching

Source: Real Black Love

Source: Real Black Love

A while ago I started Single in Gidi as a way of ranting about my single life in Lagos as well as starting up conversation on the societal pressure and stereotypes with being single. The more I wrote, the more I met fantastic single professionals/entrepreneurs (both male and female) living in Lagos and are GENUINELY looking for their match.

In some cases, those who are really interested in meeting ‘like minds’ have asked if SIG could help them meet interesting people especially since Lagos is such a big and busy city.

After months of working on the logistics, I’d like to introduce to you the SINGLE AND SEARCHING column of the blog, where singles in Lagos will be listed based on how they sell themselves (so save your sexy pictures for later) and interested parties can submit their details for a chance to meet the listed person.

So if you are single and searching or you know someone who is and  willing to meet someone new, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Visit the Single and Searching page
  2. Fill out the form (I repeat we will not be publishing photos so how you sell yourself with words is very important)
  3. Wait for a member of the SIG team (yes I do have a team) to contact you and have the details you provided verified before being published
  4. Have your verified profile published
  5. Get information on all verified interested persons sent to you with their contact details (only email addresses will be sent)
  6. You decide the next step (outside SIG of course)

In case you didn’t notice, we do all the work while all you have to do is take a few minutes to fill out the form and a another few minutes at the end to pick someone who also interests you to meet…it’s really not that hard is it?

In addition to being a busy city, Lagos is also a funny one so we will work hard to have the basic information verified before being published or sent to you. You also have the final responsibility to verify the individual further because we could miss something which is important to you.

On that note, I hope SIG will someday be able to share success stories of those who found love or great friendships while enjoying each day of being single.

Lots of love,



6 replies

  1. what if you just want to meet friends and you’re not in gidi? i really just want to make really nice friends n meet new people…i know since im nt in gidi we my not see often but still 😦


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