I feel like a kid in a candy store whenever I discover new fantastic places. I am sorry this is coming to you late, but my new find will make it all worth it I promise.

This place is probably not new to our readers in Abuja a.k.a Abujans because they started there, but to my fellow Gidi people, this is a burst of fresh air from the usual. I was first introduced to “Grills in & Out” by a friend while it was still being put together. I was intrigued by the idea of it because I’d only read about such places but sadly never been.

Imagine my delight when my friend asked me to lunch at Grills in & Out. This place is a delight for all of us “MasterChefs” on instagram. It offers two options to diners: choose your own ingredients and have the chef cook it right in front of you, or cook it yourself! All those #Foodie #iCook hashtag fiends, time to prove your mettle!!

So, there I was beaming at just about everything! It was absolutely lovely. I was quick to jump on the swing chair outside. As tired as I was (I’d just left the office), the swinging motion helped soothe my frazzled nerves. Then they brought me this fantastic strawberry daiquiri that I kid you not, had me floating to the land of Happy.

The chef gallantly allowed me take his picture while he prepared my food from the ingredients I chose (shrimps, calamari, chicken, chili sauce, schezuan sauce, pepper, onions, and mixed veggies). They served it with some fried rice and for the amount charged, the food was A LOT!!

I even got to meet one of the owners. Grills In and Out is owned by a husband-wife duo. I met the wife who is a total sweetheart. When I go out, I’m looking for a total experience. This is exactly what I got. Good food, good service, lovely atmosphere and not a lot of damage to my wallet

I’d write an epistle, but I need to make a flight. So, toodles!!

IMG_20141127_064932 IMG_20141127_065524 IMG_20141127_065530 IMG_20141127_065536 IMG_20141127_065547IMG_20141127_065053

Grills In & Out is located at 7a, Admiralty road, off Admiralty Way, Lekki phase 1.

Until next week….lots of love,

Miss Wakadugbe

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