He proposed! I was not expecting it, OMG! I said Yes…arrghhhhh!!!!!



#justkidding *runs away* hehehehe

I can just see some of y’all running to the blog like yepa! Miss Gidi is off the market o, what will happen to the blog? Praise the Lord, hallelujah, it will now be Married in Gidi…emm no o my people, I am still single but you can keep praying sha, there are 12 months and exactly 52 Saturdays in 2015…e fit bi me o…but on to today’s gist

I’ve often wondered why newly engaged women are always ‘surprised’ when they get proposed to; let’s be honest, if you have been with someone for a while then you both must have talked about marriage at some point. So today my question is for every married and engaged woman out there,

Be honest, were you actually surprised that you got proposed to? or were you surprised at the ‘proposal’ itself?

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A friend of mine once said that I was the type of girl who would not be surprised when I get proposed to, and my response was “umm why should I be surprised, shouldn’t I have talked about marriage with the ‘said’ person?” which then lead to a discussion on proposals and the cliché ‘Oh my God’ and screaming moment that every bride says they had.

Everyday I read proposal stories (not because I look for them but because they somehow end up on my timeline) and the brides always say how ‘surprised’ they were and how they were not ‘expecting’ it so I wonder, what were you expecting? a breakup? I mean unless he proposed the day after you met him, how are you actually surprised that you got proposed to?

I have had a few friends who were genuinely surprised, because there was a break up before the proposal so they thought the relationship was over when it actually wasn’t but for those who didn’t have to go through that drama, what was the ‘surprise’ of getting engaged?

On another note, Happy New Year…it’s good to have Lagos back as all the IJGBs are going back to their ‘homes’ and the Lagosians are returning from Dubai…for my people who got something from me the last time, please send an email to singleingidi@yahoo.com so we can arrange how the gift will be delivered.


Miss Gidi

Side note – this post was initially posted on one of my other blogs…so if you have seen this before then you know who I am 

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  1. You’re right, for me it was more surprise that the proposal came at that moment/in that fashion. We’d both discussed and knew we were headed in that direction. It was just a question of when.

    Also, way to pull a fast one on me! I jumped into this post expecting huge news! Lol


  2. I wasnt surprised. Lol. Not in the least. But i played it up because he cousin was recording. And my S.O is the kind of person that if your response isn’t positive he might not go out of his way the next time. I acted surprised for his benefit though.

    I am not in lag oh. Can i claim my giveaway in feb when i get back?


  3. Once I sat through a very painful video. Painful because my colleague off whose laptop we were watching it deigned to cry at her proposal which was obviously being recorded.
    This is a colleague who, just weeks before, had found a blog post by her now husband about asking her to marry him.
    My pain was from my inability to smack her or smash the laptop – at least that’d justify her crying.
    On the real though, if/when I propose, it’d be matter-of-fact-like because we’d have talked about marriage at some point in the relationship and may even have fixed a ball park date for wedding sef. Nothing to then bbe surprised about.


    • LOL, I’m pretty sure she cried because she was happy, not because she was surprised he asked her to marry him. I knew my proposal was coming, and I was excitedly nervous, but when he walked in, I hid my face and cried – the feeling can be overwhelming in that instant.

      @Miss Gidi – most of them know the proposal will happen, but are surprised at the moment or the way it was done.

      Berry Dakara Blog


  4. You had me! I was excited then almost immediately thought the blog…!

    Never really understood it either. I guess it’s more the timing/circumstances rather than the actual proposal….?


  5. Hahahaha… Maybe cos i am in insider, i knew this was a prank. Lol
    Well since nobody is ever going to propose to me…. I doubt i can answer this question. However when i proposed to someone in the past, she sounded and looked quite surprised and excited but when we were breaking up and words were being hurled at each other… It came out that the proposal wasn’t what she expected…so i wondered how she was able to feign surprise. Lol. And the excitement too.
    I think some ladies feign surprise so the guy wouldn’t feel like she doesnt want him or something similar.
    I also think the surprise may be from the size of the rock, especially when it exceeds expectation….. Or when the arrangement leading up to the proposal was elaborate or maybe the guy had been with her for donkey years and the thought of marriage wasn’t on the radar… And suddenly “BOOM!” He drops the ring.
    But if two people are in a perfectly normal, healthy relationship, marriage talk would have come up at some point or the other and i dont think there will be much space for that element of surprise.


  6. It’s usually surprise at the way it happened, not so much that it happened. Who is there, who is not there, where it is, the ring, the details. Most people should have talked about marriage at some point. Quite often, people have even theorised about wedding seasons, type, etc.


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