We’ve got mail: I don’t think his parents like me

Hello my people! How are you surviving this harmattan season? I don’t think I have ever seen Lagos this cold or dusty in all my years of living here. Anyway, we have our first email for 2015…yayyyy!! this time it is from Simi, a first time commenter via email..


Dear Miss Gidi

Am I allowed to still say happy New Year? Happy New Year and Happy anniversary to the blog!

My name is Simi and I am an avid fan of the blog however I have never commented on any of the posts so consider this my first comment via email…hahaha.

I’m having a bit of a challenge and was wondering if you and the readers could help me out with an objective ‘view’ on this matter. I have been dating my current boyfriend for about 6 months now and over the holidays he took me to see his parents for the first time. At first I was a bit nervous about it because I had heard so much about how strict his parents were (they are also Deeper Life members) and I happen to be a free-spirited person which my boyfriend says is what attracts him to me despite our differences.  

My meeting with them was okay, it was the usual really, his father was very friendly while his mother was a bit reserved. I assumed this is usual for mothers when meeting their son’s girlfriends because this is not the first time I have met the parents of the guys I have dated. 

After meeting his parents, things began to change. My boyfriend is no longer as caring as he used to be and he is always looking for a fault; recently we had an argument because I said I did not want to go to his church with him, which has never been an issue between us.  I’ve tried asking him what was wrong but he avoided that conversation. When I asked him what his parents thought about me, he said his father liked me but his mother needed a bit more time, I’m not sure what that means but I am guessing she didn’t like me as much.

I’ve considered calling her to at least build a friendship with her, maybe that would help make things better in my relationship because even though my boyfriend says there is nothing wrong, I believe there is something he is hiding from me that is the outcome of our trip to his parents.

What do you suggest I do?




You know the routine right? Okay you don’t? Well use the comment box below to let Simi know what you think. Do you think the current situation in her relationship has been influenced by her meeting the parents? If yes, then what should she do?

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6 thoughts on “We’ve got mail: I don’t think his parents like me”

  1. For me, I wud suggest u ask him for his parents numbers so u can call and greet them. If he’s not willing, then don’t push it. Let it be. If he’s still acting funny n unwilling to tell u what’s wrong. Then give him space for awhile and watch his reaction. His reaction will determine if he still desires a future with u or not


  2. I don’t usually comment but for this I will. Be safe,any family that doesn’t like u isn’t worth going into,good ur seeing it now,believe me mother in law wahala isn’t worth it and it erodes the marriage. Talking from experience if them no like u them no like u.


  3. Do not call the mother, there is no need to be doing the most right now. You are a girlfriend of 6 months, not a fiance, not a wife. Maintain a cordial relationship, go to church with him to show that you are committed to him. But as a rule do not start a new habit if you can not commit to maintaining it in the long run.


  4. Lmao you dont want to go to his church with him? Oh girl thats part of the arrangement with deeply religious people oh. As for his mother not liking you, it might be that free spiritedness of which you are speaking. More extreme religious sects require conformity. She might have a deeperlife babe for him in mind.
    You cant do much about his mother not liking you, have a very honest conversation with him, because it sounds like you are looking to marry this guy.



  5. Lol i think it’s too early to be forcing yourself on the parents. U are just a gf, calm down. And if u guys are fighting now about the church, what church do u think u will attend if he marries u? If u are n ot ok with his church now, then cut out! No need prolonging inevitable fight till after wedding.


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