Soooooo there’s a picture going around of Mrs Carter getting on top of things, if you have not seen it, here is the pic:

And of course everyone has one opinion or the other about her compromising ‘pose’ but people like me though, know that this is not new because a few years ago there was this:

 and this…

Therefore, when it comes to Mrs Carter and everyone like her, this is nothing new, she’s only being updated on the happenings around her husband.

I’m not going to talk about snooping through cell phones/emails/Facebook messages because there are a million and one articles on that out there and also a list of reasons on why you should or should not…(it’s a sign of insecurity they say)

Couples are often encouraged to be open in relationships especially in marriages – something about not keeping secrets from one another but as someone who has been in a relationship or is in one now, do you really need to know everything your partner does on a daily basis? Can there be room for secrets no matter how little?

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Oh and there’s this too



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5 thoughts on “ON TOP THE MATTER”

  1. Hmmm, I used to be a firm believer in not going thru ur partners phone n msgs but now, am on d fence. I think most pple do it not because they are insecure bt to be on d safe side, cos many people are unfaithful, many are being used as mugu(s) etc. The fear of being cheated on is a very powerful emotion. Trust is essential in a relationship but trust is also earned.


  2. With regards to phone, email etc searching: you will always find if you go searching.

    I have searched and of course found. If you want to know anything please just ask, and if he/she answers be happy with the answer or just chill cos one day Na one day monkey go go market and the rest is history … Hehehe

    I wouldn’t personally use the word “secret” but a measure of privacy should be practised by both. If you think you need to keep tabs on your parter then y’all need to reevaluate your relationship.

    My 20pence 🙂


  3. You can’t know everything your partner does, and there should be room for secrets… how you handle the non-information usually shows trust, or lack there-of. More importantly, that behaviour is juvenile… snooping and all that

    There’s a general saying that whatever you seek, you shall find. But what do you now do with the information? If your S.O. hacks into your emails or facebook, that constitutes illegally-obtained evidence, which you can’t use to “convict” a person


  4. loooooool story of my life…I soooo agree with Barr O…I snooped one time and found what I was looking for but It couldn’t be admitted in court as evidence so no conviction was made.. and when I mentioned it…I was like Babe Im sorry but I went through your phone..loool…


  5. Are we even completely honest with ourselves? Talkless of other people. Phones are a no go area, for many people, cheating isnt a deal breaker in marriage- you just dont publicly announce it isnt.

    I am not a monitoring spirit, i have better things to think about, provided my partner isnt acting in ways that make me unhappy.


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