I write about the hot spots in Lagos and this might be considered as either a deviation or a bonus! How una see am?

On my way to share a drink with friends who’d spent all day cycling, I stumbled upon a gem! It’s a bit out-of-the-way but if you live around Ajah, you’re in luck!

Picture an African store in the US then welcome the latest Greengrocers in town- PUMPKINS GREENGROCERS. It was such a delight shopping there (I couldn’t resist!). I set out to have a drink and ended up buying fish, spices, fresh food items and of course

It is quite possible that the amount of stuff I bought is also directly related to the service I received from the owner, a very upbeat and full-of-life older woman who must have lived a significant amount of her years abroad. She kept me engaged as we talked food! Now, y’all know this here lady loves food, ba?

I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Look out for the lovely bags they provide for shopping. Unique! I think I got a truly African experience without the noise and mess of going to a market.

If you like, you can say the noise and dirt is what adds to the African Market experience, but as a babe wey no like that kain thing, Pumpkins is it for me…

Picture Picture1 Picture2 Picture3

By the way, incase you are wondering why I am talking about a grocery store today and not a restaurant, just know that, not everyday is parry, eat out and drink, somedays is buy ingredients and cook at home.

I’ll sha bring you gist about the place I went to for the drink next week.

Until then,

Una doh!

Miss Wakadugbe

PUMPKINS is located at Puri Mall, Km 25, Lekki/Epe express way, opposite former LASU, Oko-Ado, Lekki

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