I remember the first time I went to the  Wheatbaker hotel. It was for an official photo shoot and I was distressed because I was too busy to enjoy the serenity of the place and the beauty of their foods.

Fast forward a few years and I was back there for a Dinner. God don butter my bread! I planned the day down to a T, but it’s true what they say “Man proposes, God disposes”. I woke up in the morning ready for work and after doing some salsa moves to “Hotel California” in the shower, I walked to my wardrobe (sexy as you please), and pulled out my designated hot number that could pass off as Work-appropriate, yet show off my curves in a tantalizingly dinner-appropriate way.

You have three guesses as to what happened next.

As I caressed the dress down my curves, feeling like Marilyn Monroe, I reached behind to pull up my zipper and … Snap! The silly thing broke on me!!
The car was waiting for me outside, I had to pick up my colleague at her house, traffic reports was indicating craziness on the roads, and I had an 8am meeting! I sat down and wept for a minute before my phone rang insistently. Looking at the screen, I knew I had no time for the delicious pity party I had begun.
So I jacked up, dragged a pair of jeans from my Jean stack, a chiffon top and a pair of Nine West shoes, for the pain.

All this epistle is just to vent small, because when I finally arrived Wheatbaker lugging the birthday cake I had ordered, I was ribbed endlessly for wearing jeans to a Dinner. Fashion faux pas, but since they kept complimenting my shoes, I felt forgiven.

I forgot the whole thing when I approached the buffet table. Spread of life!!!! I had no idea where to start so I went back to my chair to think when a waiter approached me to offer me a drink. He brought this delicious glass of mixed pineapple and watermelon juice (freshly made). Before I finished my drink, I got inspired and stood up to get some spiced basmati rice and chicken. The chicken… Orgasmic delight!!!!!

It was a battle to keep its bones down, I am serious.

Picture6 Picture5 Picture4 Picture2 Picture

Whoosh!!! This fitfam resolution has to kidnap me or na blow I go blow!!!

Wheatbaker is located at No 4, Onitolo (formerly Lawrence rd), Ikoyi.

It’s a top choice for the expatriate community and those who crave some peace and luxury in the heart of Lagos.

Enjoy while I check my calendar for my next waka.

Love and light…

Miss Wakadugbe


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