Another Saturday, and January is gone. A moment of silence for all the meals that went uneaten, the drinks that made us funny as heck, the moments we wasted indoors instead of out on the streets of Gidi living it up!

Hola mi bebes! Like play like play, 2015 don dey waka pass me. Which of your resolutions have you clung to? As for me sha, I resolved to get out there more, dance into the mornings, feast like a King, laugh like I’m tickled and love like they loved in the times of the Bible, (maybe find an Isaac this year)

To these I have worked hard to be true. I have been eating like a cow… Non-stop! Lord have mercy on my abs (can I get an Amen?!)

In the spirit of throw backs, today’s post is titled “Still On Point” and I’m grooving back to the deliciousness of Yellow Chilli.

I remember the first day I went there after work, to meet with a friend and his friends. They were all about how I am “yellow in yellow chilli” but who cares about a tacky joke when I get to enjoy an amazing bowl of goat meat peppersoup and peppered snails on their tab not mine (abeg no judge me o)

Fast forward a few years and I was on a lunch date with my then “Mr. Oga”. Like the champ that I am, I insisted on introducing him to “Ugba” which is a delicacy I treasure. I knew then that our connection was genuine because he loved it!! Maybe it had something to do with how good the chef was, but I choose to believe it’s because he was linked to my soul (Go ahead, laugh).

After sharing the Ugba, the waiter was all too pleased to bring us our main dishes. I had pounded yam with sea food okra while he had his with afang soup. I spent the evening stealing fish from his soup, but as a correct oga, he could not complain.

Whenever I think of well-prepared “just-like-home” traditional meals, there are just a few places that come to mind with Yellow Chilli topping the list. Other than that, I like their traditional decor and cheerful staff.

But em, if you are hiding from someone whether on the mainland (Ikeja) or on the Island, think well before you go because just like The Palms, Yellow Chilli is a popular alakoba as it is a popular favourite amongst Lagosians.

Yellow Chilli, Victoria Island

Picture Picture1

Yellow Chilli, Ikeja GRA


Yellow Chilli is located at 27, Oju Olobun Close, Victoria Island and 35 Joel Oguinaike Street, Ikeja GRA.

You can always check out their menu before hand and I hear they also deliver .


Ogi and moinmoin kisses

Miss Wakadugbe

Ehem-  I am on the hunt for a swanky and amazing Mexican restaurant so if you know of any, you know what to do…


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