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Allow me to introduce to you our second ever blog series exclusive to Single in Gidi titled ‘Finding Mr Sunshine’. Just like Bobo Nkiti’s series, Back on the Shelf, FMS (Finding Mr Sunshine) follows the story of a Miss Shola and her adventures in Lagos. 

Posts will be up every Friday but for now, here’s the first one 🙂 

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Finding Mr Sunshine

He wants to take me out on a date, I should be happy but somehow I know this is going to be another two-hour conversation of absolutely nothing over drinks and an overpriced meal. I’m used to this, used to the small talk, the exaggerated stories and the humble brags but as they say, ‘you have to kiss a few frogs to find prince charming’

My name is Shola but my friends call me Sunshine because I bring light and happiness into their lives on a gloomy day well that’s what I like to think when in reality all I bring is electricity and drinks on a rainy day.

Anyway, I have a date with a guy I met on Saturday. It all started while I was freeloading on the Wifi at Bogobiri, my usual spot, when I noticed this man staring at my direction. He seemed tall from afar, dark in complexion but I had a deadline to meet so my focus was on completing what pays the bills and hoping he was admiring the artwork behind me until I heard

“Hi, can I sit next to you?’

Without acknowledging his presence I replied ‘Sure why not? The seats do not belong to me’

 ‘Beautiful with a sense of humour, I like’

‘Hmm’ thinking to myself

‘Well I just hope there won’t be any man jealous to find me here’ 

Still ignoring his presence

‘Actually there are, there’s a long list of men but if you want to know if I am single then yes I am single’

‘Oh Okay’ I could hear the excitement in his voice

‘But I’m not searching’

‘Okay young lady, you’re direct…very attractive. So now tell me how is a beautiful girl like you single?’

At this point, I had to look up.

Someone needs to tell these Lagos men that asking such questions is a failed attempt of having small talk, there are a million and one reasons why a woman is single, she could be happy being alone, she could have a bad past, maybe asexual but at that point, I was not in the mood to give a long lecture

‘How do I explain this to you without freaking you out?’ I asked

‘Try me’

‘Okay so, my aunty placed a curse on all the daughters in the family because her father, my grandfather, didn’t allow her get married to the man she loved’

Right’ He answered while adjusting his glasses

‘Which means I have to live with the consequence of that. I don’t like being single you know but any guy I date either gets really poor or mysteriously dies. For example, my ex, he was a multi-millionaire when I met him but now he can barely afford a meal and to think we only dated for three months’ 


‘Yea, that ish was strong but that’s why I’m still single. Thanks for asking though. No one has ever cared to know. You seem like a nice guy, so what’s your name?’

‘Obi, Obi is my name’ 

‘Hi Obi, I’m Susan’  You never give out your real name to someone you don’t want to talk to

‘Nice meeting you Susan; just wanted to let you know that you are very pretty, I didn’t mean to bother you. I’ll take my leave now’

‘Oh so soon? Thanks a lot though, pleasure meeting you as well’

After which, I proceeded to order another bottle of bitter lemon while I watched him pretend to have a call and hurry off.

Scaredy Cat, he couldn’t even accept a bit of a challenge or at least offer to buy pay for my bitter lemon…mtschewww.


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6 thoughts on “THE MEETING”

  1. her tongue is acserbic! loool! loving her already!. I remember I told a guy who said he loved me on the first meeting that I was a witch who just killed his mother.. the guy wan die! and I didn’t know that his mother just died! … lol. We are still friends till date.


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