If you are single and in no relationship, my congratulations are in order because you just survived another year of Gidi women wearing red like olumba olumba members and your timeline being flooded with pictures and praises of boos and baes in the name of Valentine’s day

You have also survived the patronizing articles telling you the different ways to have fun and not feel bad about being single on this ‘great day’. Some of you may have gotten yourselves gifts and received flowers by a secret admirer (when we both know that admirer was you).

Or maybe you even attended a party organized for fellow single people living in Lagos and engaged in a session of pity partying, man bashing and saying valentine’s day is overrated when deep down you always wanted a valentine.

Then you went to bed on Saturday night, went to church on Sunday where your pastor probably preached about God’s love being the greatest and then you chilled. Now life is back to normal and no one asks you what you did for Valentine’s day anymore.

Not trying to sound like an anti-valentine activist but it amazes me the way single people especially women put so much pressure on themselves anytime February 14 is around the corner. After Christmas, Valentine’s day has to be the next big celebration for women around the world, it is also a form of validation that they are not alone and won’t die alone (I hope you have your sarcastic humour hat on).

So Valentine’s day is over…now what? Roses are withering, chocolates consumed and stuffed animals no longer get the ‘awww’ moment. Maybe a few of your friends got engaged and maybe some conceived (we’ll find out in 9 months) but at the end of the day one thing is certain and that is


*drops mic*

PS – apologies for being MIA this week, I will be back with brand new posts. However make sure you get a copy of this month’s TW Magazine to see who got featured

Yup that’s us right there 🙂


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