Valentine’s Day has come and gone with all the drama surrounding it. Like the bridegroom, it came in the night and rocked the world of only the prepared ones. We had some people floundering like fish out of water. I should know, I saw them.

It was my sister’s birthday and she likes to call herself my forever Valentine because I always spend it with her. I’m sad for the future Mr. Anyhoo, we turned up like it was the 70s and life was just beginning. After the 1st day party, my turn-up queen cousin suggested we go to Caliente and continue the groove. I needed my bed more, but her suggestion birthed today’s post.

Caliente is an upbeat club has been around for a while and continues to rock even with the controversial rumours circulating about it. If you haven’t heard them, ask your nearest rumor-monger. He/She would be sure to spice it up even further with ginger, pepper, salt and Maggi. Trust me.

Caliente is owned by a charming husband/wife duo- Ruby and Hossam. You only need to be around them for a few minutes to tell that these two love each other dearly. This has in some way contributed to the general ambience of the club. It has a personal, family vibe to it. It births loyal customers dedicated to the fun lifestyle. Their “no-holds-barred” attitude must be another huge attraction.

Celebs and ordinary people alike throng the cosy all-white decorated VIP lounge within the club and their dancing pole has provided quite some entertainment. I liked it the few times I visited. I’m not huge on clubbing, but I’d definitely go again.

I am yet to try their food, but their drink selection is vast and affordable which means you can be sure to keep the drinks coming (that is if you are the drinking sort).

Anyway I’m off combing Lagos today but for now I advise you wear your dancing shoes, fun hat and pay Caliente a visit 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 8.00.14 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 7.59.52 PM

Caliente is located at No. 10, Goriola str, off Adeola odeku, VI

Until next time,

Miss Wakadugbe

Abeg I am still waiting for suggestions to locations, if you have any place you have been to and would like it to be featured here then send an email to

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