Dear Miss Gidi,

I’ve been in love with a friend of mine for over a year now. We met in NYSC camp in 2010 and have been very close ever since. Sometime in 2013, I told her that I wanted to have a relationship with her, to be honest, I want to marry her and nothing less but she has been putting me on a long thing ever since.

We get along very well and even our families know that we are close but somehow I just can’t get her to agree to date me especially since we are both single and have been since early 2013.

I have tried everything, I have gotten gifts, I have even driven her to the hospital at 2am in the morning when she wasn’t feeling well, my point is, I am always there for her but she won’t date me or be with me.

My friends joke around that she has me in her ‘brother zone’ but I refuse to believe so because we have gotten intimate once so it definitely won’t be that.

Honestly Miss Gidi (and all the other readers) what strategy works best in letting her know that I love her and want to spend the rest of my life with her without using only words.


Frustrated Young Man



Ok so please use the comment box below to let Mr Frustrated Young Man know what you think.Do you think he should keep pursuing this ‘friend’? If yes, then what’s the strategy?

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  1. It is clear that you genuinely care for her. Sadly, at this time she does not value your friendship. So I humbly advise that you give her space. If she requests your company, fine. But if no…. Let her be.


  2. you know the saying if you love something let it go.. if it comes back it’s yours if not wasn’t meant to be. I think that’s what needs to be applied in this case.

    You might need to go stop cold turkey. if that doesn’t change things nothing will. Sorry to hear/read that but best to just pray and leave it. It’s nothing against her and nothing to do with you. it is what it is. Best to just stop and than end up resenting her later when you are even more invested. And you don’t want to guilt her into a relationship with you. that never ends well.


  3. I concur with the earlier comments. Just log off. A year is enuff for her to make up her mind. I guess she likes ya bt doesn’t love u, so don’t sweat it. Remain her friend , don’t bring up d issue of a relationshp with her again. Hang out with other ladies. You will meet someone else who wud love u


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