That’s how Dr T used style to tell me I was getting old’

I told Nky while checking my emails for a response from the bank. It’s been a while now and by this time I was hoping to have received something, anything telling me what the next step was.

‘Well you aren’t exactly a spring chicken so maybe he has a point there’ Nky responded with a giggle

‘Nice one, nice one’ I replied as I switched to my phone to check through my instant messages.

Nky’s husband was away on a business trip for two weeks, which meant I had free accommodation, food, TV, Wi-Fi and reduced fuel costs before he returned from London.


Cute! Another message from Chris the desperate

‘Don’t you find Whatsapp a bit intrusive’ I asked Nky ‘I mean anyone that has your number can just send you messages and can tell if you’re ignoring them with the whole timestamp thing’

‘Still dodging Chris?’

I hate that she knows me so well but I guess that’s what makes us best friends. I could tell where this was headed, she was going to force me to talk to Chris and then I would have to prove to her that I could smell fake from 10 miles away.

Nky walked over with a plate of piping hot grilled fish and to read the message from Chris.

‘I am not dodging him but he has refused to get the message that I am not available’ I defended myself

‘Not available or not interested?’

‘More like not available to a desperate man like him’

Nky, like my mother, never understands why I don’t like desperate men or as she puts it, ‘men who are ready to settle down’. After a lady crosses her late twenties, the worst mistake you can make is settle for a man who just wants to marry ‘any’ girl instead of one that he actually loves and wants to spend the rest of his life with. Chris is an example of one those desperate ones, he recently turned 38, is somewhat successful and is hoping to get married before 40 to any woman who is available.

‘I understand you don’t like desperate men’ Nky continued ‘But maybe you should let him know that you see that as a turnoff and he needs to calm down, I really think he genuinely likes you’

‘Okay then I’ll respond to his Whatsapp message’

This was going to be a painful experience




‘Abeg abeg block the idiot’ Nky obviously getting irritated

Sometimes I wish I could be proved wrong when I meet these men…sometimes.

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10 thoughts on “SISTER, YOU MUST MARRY ME O!”

  1. Wt sup with the dude? Y z he trying 2 make u feel like he’s doing u a favor by jumping… nngwanu, block the dude jo.


  2. I am going go against all the other comments here, I think you were bit harsh on Mr.Chris The Desperate. I recognise i dont know the context or his level of thirst but you didnt let him land , i suspect he was paying for the sins of other desperados.

    Do i think he should be blocked ? Yes and rightfully so after that last quip
    Why would would a man over 30 be asking a woman on a date over whatsapp…. i thought there was hope.

    Keep going miss gidi


  3. Miss sunshine, I love d way u handled “egbon chris”, direct n polite. All these so called “egbons” giving us aburos a bad name, diaris god o. Lmao


  4. WtheActualHeck!!! WazAllDisJackie?? Like what????
    Arrrghhhh I’m miffed on your behalf.

    What am I even talking about sef, I have seen and heard worse. The crassness that oozes out of some men is unbelievable, na so dem dey marry?
    Okay continue and maybe you will find the “big girl” you need.


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