For a truly unbelievable reason, my weekly posts have not been going through and I am saddened about that but I am here now so hey let’s move on.

Dare I hope that I have been missed even a teeny tiny bit? Because I have missed you!

Work has been a bit intense, and moving houses kind of added to the stress level. Imagine my delight when an old friend calls me up an hour before I closed from work on one of those days when I felt like letting loose a good scream. He told me of this nice place sort of close to my new place. I jumped at it like a little girl at candy.

Now you all know me to some extent. You know I’m well into aesthetics and this place supplied it for me! Situated on the top floor of a plaza on the Lekki/Epe expressway right opposite the agungi/ajiran road, it has a patio lounge with faux grass that lends the feel of being in a garden to the place. And it overlooks the city, so for someone like me who is totally into people watching, this was a big hit. I could play “voyeur” without having the favor returned. Hehe.

They had very calming music playing, they alternated between classical, jazz, country and soul. I was in heaven as I felt the stress of my day melt away gradually as I dug my feet into the faux grass and sipped my ice-cold malt drink while I waited for my simple order of French fries with spicy chicken to arrive.

I should warn you chicas, if you are not confident in yourself and you go there with your man… Hmmmmm, I sorry for you
The waitresses strut around in bum shorts and they are quite buxom too. I enjoy seeing ladies prance around showing what their mamas gave them, maybe because I’m like that sometimes too.

When the food arrived, it was spicy enough for me and the fries crisp. All considered, not bad at all.

P. S my mind is still on the painting by the elevator that caught and held my interest!! Would they hand it over to me if I begged nicely?

Oh and did I mention I saw a gym on my way down? If you live around agungi, osapa, idado, jakande, igbo-Efon and yadi yadi ya… You just might enjoy this place. Worth a visit!

It’s called Wind Lounge and is located in GistMe Plaza, Lekki Epe expressway.

Yes, you’re welcome! Hehe


Toodles 🙂

Mizz Wakadugbe

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One thought on “WIND LOUNGE”

  1. This place sounds cool, lovely pictures but erm . . . No pictures of the lovely waitresses n d picture frame which u adored. Was hoping to c pics of dat o


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