Mizz Wakadugbe is away for a few weeks thanks to her paying job and so she won’t be available to submit reviews *insert sad face* but not to worry, I (Miss Gidi) reached out to one of my personal people who runs a blog that talks all about food in Lagos ( Foodie in Lagos) and she has agreed to let us feature one of her many reviews for the Easter Holiday.  So here goes 

#FoodieSnaps: Orela Bar & Restaurant

On a random evening (as usual), M and I went to Orela Bar & Restaurant to have dinner.

Orela is one of those cozy places that is rarely busy or pretty much empty and this leaves me wondering because the food is really on point! I first heard about this place from a friend of mine and it was just amusing because I had never actually noticed it was there no matter how many times I drove on the road where it is located.

Anyways what did we have right?

M – BBQ Beef Ribs and Fries

BBQ Ribs

FIL – Grilled Jumbo Prawns and Mashed Potatoes

Grilled Prawns

Both meals were had with a glass of Chapman.

The prawns were tasty and the portion was very filling but the way M was going in on her ribs made me pause and taste it. Let me just say this, it was ‘AMAZEBALLS’. We had to ask to see the Chef to say thank you for making us go good crazy on the ribs especially. There are now words to describe how amazingly and finger-licking good it was. Will we be going back? Yes but M has gone back two more times after this (she is now addicted).

If you are looking to have a nice meal that you would enjoy and give your taste buds a buzz, do try out the BBQ Beef Ribs 🙂

These ribs will do this to you

Quick Points:

– The atmosphere is serene and private enough to have a quiet date (wink)

– The Chapman isn’t so great. I feel like some places need to have courses on how to make a proper Chapman

– Pricing is fair

– The Chef is cute and is from Senegal (No I won’t post a pic…Lol)

Orela is located on 114 Awolowo road, Ikoyi, Lagos

Have you been to Orela? What did you think? Any points? Do share, will love to hear from you

That’s it for our WHET review and recommendation today, do take out time to check out the blog Foodie in Lagos and show my friend some love.

Till Later,


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