Happy Easter Everyone! Hopefully you’re getting enough rest as much as I am, there seems to be a lot going on in Gidi this holiday but yours truly decided to sleep all through (don’t judge me).

Anyway, I was going to write about house hunting and living single in Lagos but then I came across this YouTube clip and wanted to share before the actual post

So to all the single ladies that live alone in Gidi what are your thoughts? Someone once said to me that single ladies who live alone are seen as women ‘without control’ (like women need to be controlled)

And for the guys, does it even make a difference if she lives alone or not.

Love always


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  1. I think its good if u can afford it to live alone. Cos I know from experience that if u hv ladies in their late twenties who r working and live with their parents, they will have unnecessary clashes. Every adult, male or female, wants his or her space n too many adults under one roof can cause plenty “fire outbreak”. I understand that our culture looks down on it but sincerely, ouir culture expects a girl to be married at 18 n to always be dominated by the males around them, hence they call a single woman living alone irresponsible while a single man living alone is responsible. Pardon my rant pls


  2. didn’t watch the video….
    but why shouldn’t single women live alone?
    I stayed alone for a year before I moved back home and I cant wait to get my own apartment again.


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