At 15:45 I went over to Osime’s desk, walked behind her and shook her swivel chair like I was going to topple her out of it.

‘Why are you like this? You will cry o Bobo,’ she threatened.

I thanked her for covering for me – I had told her I had a family emergency requiring me to leave work early. I had done her similar favours in the past, and this was my first time asking, so it was okay.

I got in the car, adjusted my rearview mirror, and then I sent a message to Brown Sugar.

– On my way

I was driving against traffic, so I made good time. I got to the Cinema with ten minutes to spare.

– ‘Sup? I’m here now, you?

– Almost dere.

– See you in a bit.

To help pass time I went to the video game arcade and played a game of football. I expected my phone to trill any moment but, when I finished the game I checked my phone, and there was no message from her. The time was 16:23.

– Hey, how far away are you?

– Am close. Trfc.

– Be safe.

– Kk.

I waited another fifteen minutes before sending her another message.

– Hey, do you think you’ll be able to make the movie?

– Yea

– At this rate, we won’t be able to get a bite before the movie 😦

– Aww… maybe afta d muvee?

Not on your life bad-spelling-zero-time-keeping sombori.

– I’ll have to run after the movie, I told you.

And then I sent a message to Kalakuta Princess.

– Hey dear, how’s your day been?

– Hello stranger 😀

– Stranger? Really? Lol.

– Don’t mind me. My day has been aii, yours?

I felt my phone vibrate and checked, it was a message from Brown Sugar.

– Sad, but kk. Am almost dere. 5mins tops.

– Okay, I’ll be at the concession stand. I already got the tickets. Would you like some popcorn? A drink?

– Yes plzz.

I switched chats and sent Kalakuta Princess a reply.

– Work is work. My concern is traffic for when I leave. I hope the roads are free and you don’t have to wait.

– Where is this place you’re taking me sef?

– How about we meet up at E-Centre and we go there together?

– Sounds like a plan. See you then :*

– Oh shit! =D

I wasn’t going to let her off so easily.

– You make it sound like that was a mistake, or like it is such a bad thing.

– Bye Felicia

I checked for a message from Brown Sugar.

– Am here. Cumin upstairs.

I checked the time, it was 16:47. Usually I would be seething by this time – I hated waiting – but chatting with Kalakuta Princess put me in a good mood.

– How will I know you? What are you wearing?

– Blue jeans and ankara top.

I was going to ask for a more than just ‘ankara top’ when I saw her come around the bend in the stairwell and begin her ascent of the final flight of stairs.

There was no doubt she was the one. Her weave was cut in a style made popular by singer Rihanna, and it framed a heart-shaped face. She wore a short-sleeved jacket made from yellow and blue patterned ankara fabric, the collar and lapel and sleeves were made into a ruffle design, and underneath it she wore a black tank top against which her ample bosom strained. The jacket was cinched in at the waist and hugged her form, accentuating the curve of her hips. The jeans looked like they were painted onto thick thighs all the way to her calves. I wondered, briefly,how she got into them, and how quickly I could get her out of them. She had on a dark tan gladiator sandals – they reminded me of a pair I had as a kid, they were my favourite footwear in the whole world.

I watched her step off the top steps and walk towards the concession stand. I walked behind her, mesmerised by her buttock held captive by the jeans, and keeping my distance. She faltered as she drew close to the counter, and I anticipated the sweep she was going to give the area, so I dropped my eyes to my phone and continued walking in her general direction. I walked past her and stopped.

‘Looking for someone?’ I asked.

‘Are you…? Never mind.’ And she turned to scan the room again.

‘You don’t want to discount me so soon,’ I said before breaking into laughter. ‘I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.’ I held my hands up, palms forward when I caught the look on her face.

‘You should have seen the look on your face,’ I laughed some more.

‘That’s not even funny,’ she said. ‘I thought you were a random stalker trying to get fresh with me. I could have pepper sprayed you.’

She spoke really well, making me wonder about her spelling.

‘Pepper spray though? A bit harsh, no?’ I handed her the bag I was holding. ‘My dad said to always bring a gift the first time I met a lady.’ the bag contained a box of chocolates I bought from Domino’s downstairs.

‘Thank you,’ she smiled, revealing dimpled cheeks.

‘It’s alright. Can we go see the movie now?’ I waved her towards the cinemas.

Inside, I led her all the way to the back, to the seats in the corner.

‘Wall or aisle?’ I asked her.


We took our seats and I sent a message to Kalakuta Princess.

Battery about to die. Will turn of phone and try to get some charge before I head out.

As soon as the tick mark showed on the message, I put my phone in offline mode.

As was my experience, at some point during the movie, I felt the temperature drop in the room. I looked at her and she’d hugged herself.

‘Are you cold?’ I whispered.

‘Just a little, but I’ll be fine.’ She whispered back.


Minutes later I felt her lean into me while rubbing her arm.

‘Here,’ I whispered, putting my arms around her. She adjusted till her head lolled against my chest, and then she placed her hands over my arms. We sat in that position for about five minutes before she shifted my arms up to her breasts.

Thinking it was a mistake, I let my arms drop back to just beneath her breasts, to her stomach. She moved my arms back up to her breasts before craning her neck and whispering close to my ear.

‘I want to kiss you, I hope you don’t mind.’

Mind? Heck, why do you think we’re here?

‘Are you sure that’s what you really want?’ I asked instead.

‘That, and this…’ she took both my hands in hers, placed them on each breast and squeezed lightly.

I swallowed and it sounded loud in my ears. I feared others in the room had heard it.


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  1. Bobo, 2 dates in a matter of hours…..Weeedone. that said don’t Comman post abridged version here next o. Lool. I’m living vicariously through your posts. Keep having fun


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