‘So this is what you look like? Beautiful face and body to match the beautiful and intelligent voice’ He said as he pulled back my seat

After days of chatting and talking to Tunde for as much as three hours everyday, I finally agreed to go on a date with him. He had a sarcastic sense of humour and was able to engage me in the weirdest of all conversations. He had become my morning wake up call each time he was on his way to work and once he sent me lunch from Green and Grill house because I said I craved their bacon and ham salad, so you know I was already tripping.

Tunde was also full of tricks and mischief so unlike most people who would want to know what the other person looked like, he refused to send me his picture and never asked for mine. As we know, I am yet to update my photo collection so I never bothered to offer.

‘I hope this place wasn’t that difficult for you to find?’ He asked

‘No, not at all, I know the Island quite well’

‘Of course you do, Miss I love to wait out traffic, why don’t you just move to the Island’

‘Because I can’t afford living on the Island, maybe when things pick up with my business, I would try the 3rd roundabout’

‘Or maybe when you finally fall in love with me and you feel like moving in’

Hearing him say that made me blush. And to think barely 2 weeks ago I was irritated by Chris the desperate for his forward moves. But this is different, it’s Tunde, tall, broad shoulders, light-skinned, perfect pearly teeth, intelligent and that voice that makes me weak Tunde.

‘Abeg slow down jo, I have to like you first’ I replied to cover my embarrassment.

He had picked out a coded bar in the middle of Victoria Island that had the best collection of wine and smoked cheese. As far as I am concerned, Tunde and I lived in different versions of Lagos, while I am up and about hustling from bank to bank searching for loans, he lives in the Lagos of jet skiing, wine tasting, jazz events and operas at the Muson Center, things that I never knew existed in Lagos.

‘This is one of my favourite spots’

…Like he knew what I was thinking

‘They have the best wine and chicken wings in Lagos’

…Yea posh tinz

‘And they have the best okra soup and pounded yam ever, not the poundo yam o, proper pounded yam from the pot to the fire like my mother would make it’

This is what I liked about Tunde, he was  a right combination of both razz and posh.

‘Your mother pounds? What is an oyibo woman doing with mortar and pestle’

‘My mother is not the oyibo, my father is, my mother is from Ekiti’

He keeps getting interesting.

Tunde and I spent hours gisting, drinking wine, and of course trying out the famous pounded yam and okra. I learnt more about his life, his likes and dislikes while he heard my hustling in Lagos stories, we laughed about my experience with Chris the desperate, the night was perfect…officially one of my best dates ever till

‘Excuse me Sir, I’m about to close, can I bring the bill now?’ the waiter interrupted

‘Sure why not’ He responded ‘Sunshine, would you like us to leave or do we try somewhere else?’

‘Somewhere else? Naa I’m full and I think I’ve had too much to drink so I should be heading home’

Actually I did want to go somewhere else but this was just the first date so I had to form small.

‘Okay then. But you can’t drive like this, let me drop you home and have my driver deliver your car first thing in the morning’

Hmm…and he scores more points

‘Wow, Okay no problem’ I responded

At this rate, Tunde may just be Mr Sunshine

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6 thoughts on “FINE WINE”

  1. He’s almost too perfect (is there anything like too perfect?). I’ve got my fingers crossed hoping for a romance novel ending 😉


  2. I have actually had this same experience in one of my many day dreaming fantasies, if only wishes were horses!
    A Girl can dream though!
    Hope this Tunde guy doesn’t have any dark horse though, because a friend of mine says “if something is too Good to be true, most times it isn’t true” so we’ll see *fingers crossed*


  3. I was blushing for Sunshine!!! Don’t want to say I hope he is Mr Sunshine (too soon to say) but I hope this is going somewhere good. 🙂


  4. first thought: ewo Sunshine don love o!!!! (I’ll be back when I read to the end)
    Elekwe o!! Tunde is a don!! Is it okay that I’ve started saving for the asoebi #SholaTunde2015 (of course I’m coming for the wedding, invited or not 😛 )

    Rooting for y’all 🙂


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