‘Help me with my zip.’

Without a word I reached for the zipper and pulled down, the low rumble as it went over the teeth matching the slight tremble of my hand.

I moved back a step to take in the expanse of flesh laid bare, following the V of the zip to the hollow of her back.


When Brown Sugar took my hands to her breasts, without permission I felt my pants tighten and I shifted in my seat to accommodate the bulge, keep it from strangulation.

I leaned close to her ear and nibbled.

‘Can we please not do this?’ I asked, my voice thick with desire.

‘What? You don’t want?’

‘It’s not that,’ I cleared my throat as quietly as I could in the movie theatre. I don’t bloody know you. ‘I think we should take things slowly.’

‘What?’ She somehow managed to pack a lot of hurt into that question. ‘I’m sorry if I came on too strong. I thought we understood each other.’ She shrugged my arms from around her and shifted in her seat, putting some distance between us.

‘I’m sorry…’

She raised her hand to cut off my apology.

Just meeting her was part of the reason why I spurned her, but another reason was my other date lined up for the evening. I did not see us just making out at the movies and going on home, and knowing that Kalakuta Princess was most likely already on her way, what excuse would I then give her for cancelling a date I confirmed but minutes ago?

The rest of the movie passed in silence, and when it was done, we walked out without a word until I put her in a cab.

‘Be safe,’ I said, arms wide for a hug. Instead she gave me a limp handshake, got in the cab and shut the door firmly.

I blew out my cheeks as I watched the red tail lights of the cab disappear round a bend.

On the walk to my car I turned on my phone and messages came in.

– Tank u 4 d muvee. But u made moi feel chip n I don’t apprec8 dat.

I scrolled through my other messages and smiled when I came to Kalakuta Princess.

– Hey. Okay about your phone.

– Hey, I’m on my way o. Is your phone still charging?

– You better be there waiting when I get there, otherwise I’ll go home with the first man who asks me.

– I’m just kidding. Where are you?

My smile widened as I read her messages. It was easy to imagine her panic; I hated waiting, but more than that, I liked going to a new place with company.

– Hey you. Scared I’d leave you on your own? I’m 5mins out. You?

– Finally! You’ll explain this your phone charging to me when we see… I’m 10mins away. see you soon.

– See you soon. Sorry about my phone. Forgot to turn it on.

Seven minutes later I got a message from her.

– Bobo I’m here. Where are you?

I stepped out of the car and walked the few meters to the entrance where she stood, while one of the security people waved his wand over her.

‘Bros, go back up and down, she must be hiding something back there.’ I joked.

‘Ah, there you are.’ she turned and walked into my arms.

‘You look beautiful. My god!’

‘Thank you,’ her dimpled smile reassured me I had made the right call letting Brown Sugar go. Tonight.

The drive to the restaurant was short, but I missed my way once and had to call my friend for directions.

The restaurant was well-appointed, the setting intimate, and the menu was Mandarin.

We spent most of dinner talking. No topic was off-limits, and we lingered over our meals. The one time my friend came to ask how our meal was going and if there was anything we felt they could improve upon, I could tell KP wanted her gone. I wanted her gone too. But we smiled and said the right things.

After coffee, talk came round to getting her home.

‘Oh crap,’ she swore, ‘does this night have to end?’

‘Oh, but it doesn’t. Unless you want it to.’

‘How do you mean?’

‘If your folks won’t send a search party out for you, you could stay the night with me.’

‘So you can take advantage of me ba?’

She didn’t say anything about curfew. There’s hope.

‘I have a sense that you’ll jump me, given the opportunity, but here I am hoping you’ll prove me wrong.’

‘Alright then, let’s blow this place.’ She looked me in the eyes without the flicker of a smile.

I called for the bill, thanked my friend for a good time on our way out.

‘I’ll send you my impression,’ I said. I gave her a quick hug.


The porter let us into the hotel room. He flipped a switch against the wall and light flooded the room. He took the remote controllers from a table just inside the door and pointed, first at the air-conditioner, and then the flatscreen tv with the fluidity of someone who had done it a thousand times.

‘Thank you,’ I said.

‘Will that be all sir?’ he walked backwards out the door.

‘Yes.’ I shut the door firmly in his face and pushed the deadbolt to.

I turned to see KP sitting on the edge of the bed, her back to me.

‘Oh well,’ I said pulling my shirt out from my pants, ‘I guess we have to get comfortable.’

‘Where’s the bag with the things we bought?’ she asked.

‘They’re on the table,’ I pointed to the white plastic bag with the toiletries we bought.

‘I have to wash all this make-up off.’. She walked towards the bathroom. At the door she reached around but couldn’t reach the zip.

‘Help me with my zip.’


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4 replies

  1. Lol. See me thinking Bobo was gonna be lucky twice…Tueh

    At this rate maybe KP sef will be a bust

    We wait

    PS: I like how you started and ended with the zipper part, you have a way of putting a story together that I like


  2. Please what is this? Ah ah this week’s write up is too short now.

    Loving KP. She’s not a fronting kinda person. Always a breath of fresh air to meet babes in lagos who aint bout the fronting life. Bobo you need to completely ex Brown Sugar. Never trust a person who can’t write a complete sentence.


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