~LOL …You can’t be real~

My reply to the good morning text I received from Tunde. It’s been barely two weeks since we started talking and somehow this man has figured out a way to mess with my head and make me a mumu…he definitely has my mumu button.

According to Inem, if something is too good to be true then it is; I need to be careful at how fast I am falling for Tunde and I need to call Nnamdi to follow-up on his numerous requests for a date.

iPhoneSMS_20150417_090341 iPhoneSMS_20150417_090414 (1)

I wonder what he wants to ask me…is he going to formally ask me to be his girlfriend even though I think I am a bit too old to be using the term girlfriend….what does he want to tell me? does he have a wife abroad? You never know with these men o especially all these returnee established ones.

“You know what Sunshine, this may just be it?” Nky called out, interrupting my thoughts

“What? that dress? well it would definitely look good on you”

“Yea…I think I’ll try it on”

Nky had somehow dragged me a local designer store on Awolowo Road, like most things Nky, she was in a phase of promoting Nigerian made fashion and had an outfit from every major designer. Today it was Ejiro Emos Tafiri

“Annnddd I have a date with Tunde tonight” 

“Yayyy…so what are you going to wear? I am eyeing one short lacy dress but you may need a body shaper to rock it”

Freedom park was definitely not the place to rock a body shaper

“I think i’ll be comfortable for this one”

“All this your comfortable fashion, gurl you better look hot and bag yourself a husband”

Could this be it? I mean he is a mature man so maybe he is thinking marriage but that would be too soon…right?

“Wear something sexy” Nky continued as she checked out her growing bump in the new dress she was about to buy for her mother-in-law’s birthday dinner.

“And your reason is?”

“Men are visual beings, you have to look good to convince him even further”

“Surely my intellect and brains have to count for something?”

“Yea but your looks count a lot more, I’m pretty sure you’ve been dressing anyhow to see Tunde”

She did have a point but that was not going to change my plans to be comfortable on this date.

At about 6:30pm, I was on my way  back to the Island in Tunde’s luxurious Range, “Sunshine it’s not just a Range, it’s an Autobiography” I could hear him say but really to me they all look the same….something that I could not afford yet.

Being inside such luxury while driving pass the Lagos Island hustle and bustle reminded me how much I had to be rich or marry rich as Inem would say. I was looking forward to this date especially knowing what Tunde had to ask or tell me.

~ BABE!!!!!, where are you?~  A WhatsApp message from Inem said.

~On my way to see Tunde?, How far?~

~You may want to slow down on that, I need to tell you something~

What’s with all the telling today

~ Just say it abeg, nothing can surprise me again. Is he married?~

~ Yes~

I guess she was right, if something is too good to be true then it probably is.

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6 thoughts on “SOMETHING TO TELL”

  1. No no no. This broke my heart and exponentially increased the depth of my lost faith in men. I hope you didn’t wimp out and avoid him as I might have. he needs to know you know. Pls can’t you post twice this week? Ehn. Biko please. Wanna hear how you handled it.


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