Are you sure you are okay? He asked

Yea, I am. Do I look like there’s something wrong?

Sitting in front of Tunde and acting like all was well had to be one of the most difficult things I had to do this year. For the first time since we started seeing each other, I saw all his flaws, his off white teeth, the tip of his nails being dirty, the little strand of hair peeking out of his shirt and is that a little bit of funk I smell?

Maybe I am exaggerating a bit but I needed something to hold on to besides him being married with children but somehow still had the time to gallivant around town and woo women with nights out and reserved areas of public parks with love songs playing in the background.

Although my phone was put away in my handbag, I remembered every word that Inem had to say

~Oh girl, you better bail ~

~How do you know?~

~Traced his Facebook activities and it led me to his wife’s page~

~How are you sure?~

~Well considering it has their wedding pictures up and all, with children, what else is there to look for?, she’s even oyibo sef and it looks like they live in the US or UK?~

Was he one of those? those that marry white women to get papers and then return home to find a ‘legit’ wife because she would not move back to Africa with him? or maybe he was just another Lagos player who had his real family abroad and was searching for a Lagos bed warmer for those rainy days and lonely nights.

I could see why he had so much time to be this nice guy, it was because his wife is no where in sight but then how come she never calls? He probably lies that he is in business meetings…like this one, a romantic business meeting somewhere in a beautiful park in Lagos Island.

“So what do you think of the park?” He asked seeing that I was lost in thought

“It’s nice. Actually one of my favourite spots to come work or have cheap drinks” I replied without looking at him

“I know, you mentioned it sometime ago and I started plans to surprise you with this”

Well I was surprised alright but not because of the table set by the amphitheatre and the violinist playing some of my favourite love songs and his choice of white wine while I attempted to devour the grilled fish placed in front of me…definitely not because of that

“So?” He asked

“So what?”

“Do you like?”

“Oh yea sure, very thoughtful of you. Thank you”

“Are you sure you are okay Sunshine, you’ve been a bit off this evening”

At that point, I could not figure out what to say. Would this be the best time to accuse him of being a cheating husband to a faithful wife? Or do I continue to play along like I know nothing. After all, this would not be the first married man who had tried to woo me but gave up when he realised I was only in for the trips and gifts with no benefits to him.

“I need to tell you something” he continued “It’s about my life and a part of me that I am yet to reveal to you but if we are to go any further with this then you need to know”

“Oh what could it be?” I answered. Like I didn’t already know what he was about to say.

“Isn’t that your phone ringing, maybe you should get that before we continue”

I slowly picked search for my phone to answer it. Anything to make this ‘truth’ process worse for him; in that brief second I had it all planned out, how I would shed a fake tear, call him names and then storm out of the park. Inem’s call wouldn’t have come at a better time.

“Hey Inem, I’m busy right now, what’s up?” Like I had not been speaking to her since

“Babe, abeg no vex, false alarm, he’s a widower, oyibo wife died 6 years ago in a car accident”

“Oh right, let’s talk later”

If only she had taken time to get all the information right before messing up the last 3 hours of my day.

“About what I had to say” Tunde continued as soon as I hung up “I really like you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you”

And all of a sudden, I was reminded why I liked him so much, his pearly white teeth, excellent choice of fragrance, his romantic ways and the way he always opened up the first 3 buttons of his perfectly ironed dress shirt.

“I had a vasectomy done about 7 years ago and I need to know if you would want to have kids of your own in future”

Now this is definitely a surprise.

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