Men have their games and most of them have been decoded by lots of authors and speakers *cough* Steve Harvey… but who is helping out the innocent men that are actually being played by women out there, causing them to become damaged and leaving us the ‘good girls’ to suffer.

So ladies, today, forgive me for I am about to call you out on your game!

Now gentlemen, you walked up to this hawt chic, had an okay conversation, she gives you her blackberry pin and telephone number (we are imagining this). At this point you are thinking ‘gosh this babe must like me’ and you go ahead to act all macho, pretend not to be interested or you stalk her unintentionally (whatever works for you). She replies your messages, answers your calls maybe once or twice and then she stops, tells you she has a boyfriend, is very busy or unavailable at the moment… I hate to break the news to you but – she’s not into you.

Every single woman in her subconscious considers different options when it comes to guy. If she finds you attractive enough you automatically register as backup plan number 54 (hypothetically).  She could find you attractive at first or maybe she was being polite but along the way you start seeing certain signs. For some reason, some men think it’s all part of the chase when really they are being shut down. So to make this a lot easier for you guys and also on us women who are tired of men who do not get the message, I have complied the top 10 ‘Not into you’ List

Message on the wall – if you call her, text, email, Facebook, mention or DM on Twitter repeatedly and she doesn’t reply any of them. Then she’s either dead or not into you and you need to stop stalking her. If she deletes you off her blackberry messenger or cuts you off and gives you a ‘stupid reason’ then my brother you irritate her and she wants nothing to do with you. It is as simple as that!

Walking the bird – everyone is busy, and everyone has their day planned out so we all have excuses. What matters is the quality of excuse she gives you and what happens after. If she has to walk the bird, or cook for the neighbour’s rat then you know she just wants to get rid of you…. if she gives you a good reason but never tries to reach you after she’s done…she just successfully shut you down.

No is no – if she turns down all you dinner/movie/drink invites then STOP asking. She’s not trying to front, she’s just not interested.

Mr. Maga – If she only calls you when she needs help with something or someone or cash, then she is only using you. She’ll disappear as fast as she appeared after getting what she wants. So stop thinking your money will make her love you… you’ll only be ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ forever.

Can’t touch this – She has never let you hold her hand, or even talk to her about holding her hand, point is she has never imagined being intimate with you then she is not into you. Stop trying to force it by patting her hair, putting your arms around her, a bad attempt at ‘kissing’ her or the famous licking the ear… you’re only going to make her hate you…so stop for your own good, respect your manly ego.

Just a Friend (aka Friend zoning) – she introduces you to friends as “a friend” and you still think the light is blazing green? No brother, she’s making it clear to you in front of those that matter… You are “just a friend.”

Not so funny Your friends think you are the funniest thing since Chris Rock or Basketmouth, but she keeps a straight face at your jokes. Darling, she does not want to encourage you in any way because she does not find you funny, she maintains a straight face or just cracks a teeny-weeny smile.

No details, please – she is not interested in an in-depth analysis of your day, or your life. She is just passing through, bruv!! That “how have you been, Andy?” is her being polite. Her eyes glaze over when you start to talk about “you”.

Back off– you are constantly surprised at how abruptly she ends conversations with you. Or cuts into yours and starts a totally different subject? Red alert! You are getting on her last nerve.

Three′s company– you ask her out on a date and you end up with her and 2 of her friends. She is simply avoiding any talk with “us” included. Need I say more?

Now that you have been informed, I hope you will find it easy to notice that although you may think she’s the best thing since sliced bread, truth is my brother….She’s only going to shut you down. 


Published by

Mz Gidi

Writer | Poet | Thinker | Creator - SingleinGidi.com|

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