‘Nky let me explain” I said as soon as she opened her front door

“Explain what? That you disappeared for 2 weeks because some man you like cannot give you kids. Leaving all your friends hanging, wondering if you were alive or dead”

Well it wasn’t exactly that way, I had to take time off from the madness of Lagos and to be honest, the last thing I wanted was my friends calling me to invite me for more hangouts or introduce me to another man who is looking to be married. With everything going on in my life and my business not moving as fast as it should be, I needed a break, I needed some time off but how was I to explain that to Nky.

“I’m sorry, so how are my girls? And how have you been?”

I know explaining myself will do no good at this point

“Well I leave for America next week to off load this baby, won’t be around for another 3-4 months but that’s not the issue where have you been?” Nky clearly not letting go of my disappearance.

“I went to Obudu to clear my head, needed to get my head together because this Lagos don tire me” I lied


“Yup” I lied again

“You’re lucky sha, wish I could take time off everything but I have children who look for me every second of the day”

“And a husband who loves you”

Nky had the look on her face like she was not sure if Emeka loved her or not so I’m guessing there’s trouble in paradise. The question is whether to ask her if everything is okay or wait till she needs my shoulder to cry on.

When my married friends have issues in their homes, I never know what exactly to say to them because from experience ‘the single friend’ ends up being the bad person that the husband hates around while I end up losing a friendship in the name of protecting their interest.

“Yea, a husband that loves me”

I guess Nky didn’t need my shoulder to cry on today.

“So what did you come up with while in Obudu?” She continued in an attempt to change the topic.

“Obudu? oh not much, a few new business ideas and trying to figure out ways to keep a man” I obliged

I continued telling her these fictitious business ideas and how I was going to change my life and move on from Tunde. Nky loves these kind of conversations, it gives her a chance to go into her guidance counselor mode, telling me how I should and should not live my life especially now that I am over 30.

I could see the blinking light from my phone; it was a message that needed to be checked

-Hey beautiful, I can’t stop thinking of Abuja…Venice next month?

I smiled

-Venice? I don’t have a Schengen visa

-That’s not a problem. Just say yes and I will do the rest

 Looking back at Nky, I could tell she noticed my distraction and decided I need to distract her myself

“What’s going on? You looked troubled” I asked

“Emeka is cheating on me” She responded

“That’s not possible, Emeka is too much of a good man to do that”

“It wouldn’t be the first time” She responded with a weary smile on her face.

Not the first time? The thought of Emeka even cheating on Nky felt like a dream. If there was any man who I could boast of as a good man who loves his wife and cherishes her, it would be Emeka.

“He’s always claiming to be on one retreat or the other and when he’s away I can never reach him” She continued

“Have you asked him?”

“Ask who, Emi the don?” she responded in a sarcastic tone “You don’t question Emeka, this is what I have to live with; even with two children for him, I still do not have a say in the affairs of the home. I can’t work, I can’t speak, I can only spend; spend whatever he gives me and he doesn’t give me cash, I have to use his card, but I have children for him so I can’t walk away, I want to but I can’t”

This was going to be a long one because I had never seen Nky this distraught.

“It’s because I don’t have a boy yet” she continued, “you know when I told him I was pregnant again, he said I should make sure it is an heir”

 “Emeka is educated, why would he say that?” I asked still trying to understand the situation

“His mother, his uncles, his relatives…they keep telling him the importance of a son and my educated Emeka started believing them; I can only hope and pray that this is a boy so he goes back to being the Emeka that loved me”

Nky had this tradition of never checking the gender of her child before it was born. She said she liked the surprise knowing that God is the giver of children who decides which child to come and at what time.

“Her name is Vanessa” She continued “with a table top ass and perky boobs. She’s only 23 you know. She’s currently serving in his office but my research tells me they’ve been together for a year so she’s been in the picture for a bit”

“Last name?”

“Etim….Vanessa Etim” 

Forget what I said about helping married friends with their issues, this was Nky here and there was no way I was going to let one small girl just mess up her happy home…then again, was it really a happy home?

“Let me Google her” I said while searching for my tablet

We were in the middle of searching for this Vanessa girl’s digital footprint when I received another text.

-do I take your silence as a yes?

It was not the best time for butterfly conversations

-yea sure. Venice it is

Then another message…

-Hey Miss Sunshine, just wanted to say it was a pleasure meeting you last week, so sorry my boyfriend bailed out last-minute, maybe you’ll meet him when next he is in town. Take care. Vani E

It took me a few seconds to remember who Vani E was until I remembered she was the light-skinned girl at the Transcorp pool who wanted to start a swimsuit line. She had a good body with a nice ass that could balance a glass…like a table top ass

Vani E? Vanessa Etim? Not possible

“Where is Emeka?” I asked Nky

“He went to Abuja for a management retreat. He should be back today or tomorrow”

“Oh okay. Do you know what this Vanessa girl looks like?”

“Yea I have a picture, let me look for my phone”

I continued with the google search while Nky was on a search for her phone. I needed to confirm my suspicion

-No problem at all dear. My name is actually Shola, you don’t need to use a Miss with Sunshine, sounds weird

“I can’t find my phone” Nky yelled from her bedroom “call it for me abeg”

-LOLzzz… okay Miss Shola. My full name is Vanessa Etim but I prefer to be called Vani

No! No! No!


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5 thoughts on “HAPPY HOME”

  1. Yes, she’s back! I always had a funny Feeling about Nky!
    One thing being single has taught me is that, things aren’t always as they seem!
    Ms. Shola, I Hope you find peace with your choices!


  2. Igbo man and the quest for sun. sigh!!!

    Abeg make person borrow them sense to remember na wetin dem deposit na im go commotfrom the womb.


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