It’s been a while since we did a Dear Miss Gidi post but this just came as a comment in ImaRose’s last post, so I thought hey why not?

dear miss gidi

Hi Miss Gidi,

Pls I need ur advice. I started dating my boyfriend few months back and my dear it’s been boring. He calls everyday but that’s it. No going out, no visiting at his place or mine. We’ve never been on a date together, nothing nothing. It’s been like 2 months and I have only visited him 3 times first was the very first time I went to know his place, second was a regular visit and third was when he was sick and I went to visit him.

My dear it’s been boring. So I decided to make an effort. I called him and asked if I could come visit the next day, he said ok that when he comes back from church he would call me to start coming over. Miss Gidi I waited and waited and waited but I didn’t see any call. I was MAD, I was FURIOUS. He called the next day but I didn’t answer. He then sent me a whatsapp message saying: “I’m sorry for not calling you on sunday if that’s what is making you angry, something came up”

Can you imagine the rage I felt? Is that how to apologise for standing me up? For making the relationship boring? I’ve been in previous relationships and I know for sure that the first few months are the “honeymoon” phase but this is just freaking boring. He sent another message saying “incase you don’t hear from me again, I’m sorry”.

Pls dear, am I overreacting? He hasn’t called since then, and I’m just so angry and sad. Please what should I do?



Hi Valentina, 

Thank you for stopping by the blog and I totally feel your pain. It can be annoying when you are the one putting in the effort and the person in question is playing obvious games with you.

I mean someone who really wants to be with you would do more but I am sure you already know that because as you say, you have been in relationships in the past.

So my dear, in conclusion, lose his number. 

The end



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  1. Clearly, he is not crazy over you. He also lacks manners and simple courtesy. Move on.
    But my main concern is you.
    You should learn to be more laid back and allow the man that is interested in you to do the chasing. And please cool down on going to look for a man at his place, especially when he is yet to make a clear commitment to you.
    You called this dude your boyfriend. Seriously? After just 2 months of extreme boredom and neglect?
    Raise your standards and adopt a much more relaxed approach to this relationship thing.
    Refuse to put your mind or heart on any man, till he has demonstrated that he is for real and and totally ballistics over you.
    You deserve to be cherished.


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