To think I had no idea what to write about this week, but thanks to my friend, let’s call him Vodka, who called me crying last night. I don’t play with my sleep, sometimes by 8pm ImaRose don sleep. But a grown man crying on the phone had me awake giving free therapy for three hours on a Sunday night.

 E-go pass woman? Hmmmm, wait, continue! (I miss our former first-lady sha)

Okay so my friend ,Vodka, open-eye dated and wanted to marry this girl who was the direct opposite of what he always said he wanted, why? because I don’t know o…is it not how all these men are. Vodka’s story is too complicated so I no fit talk am, plus, he recently sent me one post I wrote here, say ‘im like the writer, that she make sense die. Anyway, I know it won’t be long before he figures it’s me: as an emotional writer, it doesn’t take long for people who know me to know I am ImaRose…unless Miss Gidi exposes me.

So the story is that Vodka babe don leave am…what else is new abi? but before I tell you why let me say a few things.

Men! why do you judge women solely by physical characteristics?. So, if a girl looks and dresses like she’s physically cute, most men will automatically assume she has to be a good person and, consequently, will put up with a lot of nonsense in the relationship. Especially in this Lagos, men are about the Brazilian weave, daily professional makeup wearing type of women. Some of these women are high maintenance and cause major damage to their pocket, but they don’t mind. But after dem marry am finish, they will expect Aunty to tone down…tone down wetin?

But besides these ones, let me tell you about these women who are spoiling market for those of us in this Lagos:

Constant Attention Seekers

Many of us love attention. And, yes, I include myself in that category. However, there are those who love attention and generally prefer getting it from one person and not choke the person. And, there are those who are obsessed with attention and need to get constant validation from multiple sources. These sort of women keep three to four boyfriends; waiting for who will propose first, they post thirst-trap pictures on IG and feed off of IG likes. Recently I met a babe that did that and deleted all her social media accounts after one of her bae’s proposed. Player-men, player-women are matching y’all in your own game now!

Judging by how she captions the photos and her comments, she enjoys the constant attention from the men in her news feed. These are the type that will put bikini picture and write ‘for God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son…’ she don become salvation to mankind be that.

God created us women with too much love to give, I admit our love can be a bit too much sometimes but, a good candidate knows how to manage, not to choke the guy, such balance means that when he is really busy and not all over her, she is not seeking it elsewhere thereby spoiling market for the rest of us good women.

Drama Queens

Recently, I was talking about what bothers me with someone, and got the vibe that maybe I wasn’t taken seriously or I didn’t mean what I said possibly because, I wasn’t dramatic, didn’t cry, curse, ignore or keep malice to drive a point home. I don’t know how to act like that, and if someone did to me, I’d just ignore them, I hate drama.

I feel like Nigerian men are LOVE drama, it’s like they only consider communication laced with drama, I don’t get it. If you want to send your point across, add a spice of drama, if you don’t know how to cause drama then you are not serious about what you want.

The problem with dramatic women is that it affects everyone else around them too. So, you might want to simply have a good day at work, but you find yourself on the phone half the day dealing with a meltdown because she is on her period and you didn’t call her 5 times before noon like you always do.

Keep in mind too that almost every dramatic person I know insists they “hate drama.”Don’t go by what she says. Instead, look at what they do. Sometimes, I said sometimes oh and not when she is on her period, disappoint her and see how she handles it…if you try it when she is close to her period, don’t mention my name mbok

Drama is a waste of time. It is emotionally draining to be dealing with a dramatic person all the time. While a dramatic guy might enjoy it, if you are emotionally stable, you definitely don’t want to date a girl who sucks you into her constant unstable emotions…the unfortunate thing is that for the rest of us drama-free women, most men take advantage of our calmness because these drama queens have spoilt market.


Somehow, the concept of women as jerks is shocking to guys.

Here is a newsflash for naive men: women can be huge jerks too. Just like many guys, some women are narcissistic, manipulative, self-centered, self-serving, angry, and even violent jerks who will mistreat you and those around you, but if she wants the ring, you won’t see that side of her until she don enter house. Actually, she might manipulate you into giving the ring, you just won’t know it

To know if the babe is a jerk, pay close attention to how she treats those closest to her especially domestic workers and drivers. If she bullies others, behaves badly, acts entitled, etc. then don’t get sucked in just because she is physically attractive or can bring on her A-game in the bedroom. It’s character you live with for rest of your life and one day, na you she go slap.

Ehen so Vodka, correct bobo was dating one madam, even proposed with one five million naira rock, as in when I see the thing I melt. Sadly, Vodka lost his job shortly after and has been on a job hunt since. He’s from a wealthy home and could depend on his father but as a responsible young man, he refused. Not too long after they got engaged, aunty got pregnant so when he lost his job and with the increasing bills, Vodka told her that she should consider having the baby in Naija because he won’t be able to afford her giving birth in America.

Babe come vex that she cannot born pikin in naija and since he doesn’t have the money, she would have an abortion. Vodka was upset , he begged, his friends begged, plenty people tried to make this babe see that abortion was not the way forward, after all they were already engaged and he truly loved her….and so on and so forth.

Well, my people..true true, the babe abort the pregnancy and has now broken up with Vodka because dem no born am manage for this life.

Meanwhile people like ImaRose are still praying for correct man to come her way..this life sha

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8 thoughts on “BAD MARKET WOMEN”

  1. What will the eye not see… Odiegwu! I actually just shouted in my office. Like you rightly said, the signs of her wahala had already been showing or would have been. My dear unknown madam lol, if you are so desperate for an American baby sell the ring na and make accommodations? But, these guys just want a woman that their guys would be hailing them for. The men that proposed with cubic zirconia and are still happily married, do they have two heads? I actually feel bad for vodka, such a blow… A life and a future, snuffed just for selfishness. Wouldn’t wish it on my enemy. Ima you may Elon have a phd in psychology at this rate

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    1. Today, I asked my buddy about his ex and his answer was, “No mind that one, she no know wetin dey worry her, 32 years she never marry, maybe them don jazz am” I looked at him in utmost amazement and could not help but come to a conclusion. Most Nigerian men are sometimes just full of shit! They see an unmarried lady of 30 and above…. If they don’t subject her to ridicule, they start asking nonsensical questions like “wetin she dey do? why she never still marry?” “she no go go find husband?” “this one time don pass oo” “who go marry this one na?” Meanwhile, the same people will find the idea of a lady proposing to a guy very revulsive and abominable,If the guys are not proposing to the ladies, what do you expect the ladies to do? To kill themselves? A culture that does not allow woman to propose to men and yet stigmatizes them when they do not find anyone to call a husband is not a progressive culture. The stigmatization of unmarried ladies borders on the absurd. Pastors and comedians are the worst culprits. Listen to them talk about unmarried ladies and you will think it is a crime to be single. So many beautiful ladies have rushed into matrimonial slavery just to add Mrs to their name. This is wrong, There is nothing that says you can not live a fruitful and productive life without one asshole beside you in the name of marriage. Those men who judge women by their marital status, my question is what is your business about what a lady does with her life? Na by force to get married? Must a lady be married in order for to be deemed responsible and successful?? Sometimes it is even a problem marrying the average NIgerian man who does not it take it well, when his wife is more successful more than him.Fine girl, please do not rush into marriage. Take your time….to avoid “I dey go back my papa house” stories nb People should lean to stop clobbering people with their taunts.


  2. Ima get what they deserve, if they have a good woman they take her for grantee and want die unto girls who treat them bad, it almost look like Lagos men say they want good women but will take advantage of her and treat bitches with far more respect! Ima I salute oh for keeping to promise and not missing post this Tuesday


  3. Miss gidi ImaRose deserves pay increase for this post, dramatic women driving us crazy but Becos when sucks the di$k well some guy are willing to sacrifice their happiness for a good su$k when we can always teach the good girl how to suck di$k. I almost married a bitch until God save. The bitch was sleeping like 5 guys I found out all because I was busy. Now I know a good woman, couldn’t tolerate bad bitches for any reason! A good woman is simplicity and always looking to save a brother some money, a bitch wants to spend all your money until you are broke! Imagine aborting someone baby Becos them no fit do America, Na God deliver Vodka from hell


  4. If a girl has more than 50 IG likes she is a bitch, if u look her IG and can’t really tell who the boyfriend is Becos she post most girls with deep quote, she is a whore, a real woman in love will make it obvious who is bae! ImaRose I just dey feel you wish I dey Lagos, for open doors for you give you flowers and everything u ever wanted!


  5. W.O.W

    I’m beyond shocked. I’ve heard of deep-set hustle moves, but Vodka’s ex-girl takes the cake. He doesn’t appreciate it now but God has delivered him from a life of not-so-slow-kill poison. As his eyes have been opened to more truths, he should keep on keeping on.

    Meanwhile, he shouldn’t forget how he dug himself into that hole. I’ve heard stories from guy friends, and even my man, on how their exes treated them so badly but they took it! Meanwhile, if i even try to stretch muscle small (neva reach flex sef), im go dey tear eye. Such is life, apparently.


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