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Complements, hope you’re doing ok?

Please I need your advice on an issue that’s been on my mind. Few years back ( about 5-6 years ago) my elder sister worked at a particular place with a co-worker ( a guy, Tony) they were pretty young then. Tony used to ask my sister to be his girlfriend but she refused, fast forward to this day they’ve been casual friends since then, he comes to the house to visit her sometimes.

Now Tony is asking me to be his girlfriend, he’s really been persistent, I refused based on the ground that he asked my sister out few years back, I told him my reasons but he said it doesn’t matter and that they were both really young then besides nothing happened between them. It’s been close to two years now and he still comes around and still asks for a positive reply from me.

He just passed out from his NYSC recently and he’s home now looking for a job. He said he’s serious about me and wants us to work.

Please what do you think? It’s been two years now, besides I broke up with my ex 4 months back. So I’m single. I really need your advice. I’m 23,my sister is 25 and Tony is 27.





I have my opinions, but this section is not just about me…so to everyone that’s reading, what do you think? should Sandra date Tony or should she walk away?

Use the comment box below and let’s discuss.

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3 thoughts on “CAN I DATE HIM?”

  1. We women can be funny. Your sister didn’t date him but I doubt she’s gonna be ecstatic about you guys together. First do you like him/are you just willing to date him because he’s persistent and you single. If you really really like him I suggest you talk to your sister first, get a feel of her reaction and not just what she says and take it from there


  2. Do you like him? Why?
    Does he like you? Why? Seriously, you can ask why you.
    Go from there.

    I don’t see what sister has to do with it, but maybe I’m just callous lol. Screw sister, you not going to talk to a person because he once talked to your sister? Isn’t that daft?


  3. Ask your sister how she feels about the possibility of you dating, a no holds barred conversation. Now, how do you personally feel about him? Is it just the sister factor holding you back? If that’s the only thing, then the outcome of your conversation with your sister should determine what next. Otherwise, you also need to address whatever the other issues are.
    I advice this because 1) I have been in that situation countless times
    2) My sister and I are very close and I wouldnt want or allow a man-situation ruin that, really!


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