I am starting 2016 over again today because January was a 31 days free trial, so it is only fair.

But January sha! January has been quite an entertaining month for world in general, and particularly more fun for the federal republic of social media drama; the Nigerian chapter. From Olamide and Don-Jazzy sharing Lagos into mainland and Island to, Donald Trump disgraceful rants, Will Smith’s wife Oscar snubbing meltdown to Ice Prince and his bae that has a bae, #WasteHisTime2016, Kanye, Wiz and Amber Rose to the most recent face of the Yoruba demons; the muffins being asked to leave a wedding.

I know what you are thinking “Imarose cannot spell Yoruba names but no darlings; I just couldn’t be bothered with grown ass men who keep referring to their grandfather’s legacy in Ondo state who used to associate with the great Awolowo. Those kids are tripping!

Sorry but not sorry, I can’t take such men seriously, like how are you going to be Instagram rich and cannot pinpoint what you do for a living. To add insult unto injury, be giving relationship nuggets to women and straight up went crazy cursing out a lady on social media.

If you didn’t hear about the Gbemi’s innocent sub of two socialite brothers in Lagos that hustle invites to prominent events and high society weddings in Lagos, then you need to be fined. But just in-case you are the only Jew in Jerusalem, let me narrate the story.

So Gbemi who is actually about the only radio presenter I actually really like; mostly because she is not into that acquired accent of a thing.  The beats FM presenter tweeted a sub and the owners of the subs (muffin brothers) quickly came out and caught their subs. Yes I didn’t misspell their name, I just couldn’t be bother to waste my alphabet on those sorry excuse of men, aint nobody have time for the muffins.

But nobody would have prepared the social media republic for what the muffins did next. Next thing I know, someone called me from London by 11pm to go on twitter that some insane “boys” whose only relevance in life is the history of their grandfather who nobody knows about or care were disgracing themselves on social media.

As a gist lover, sleep cleared. Oh the things I read, those men who are well over their 30s wrote made my heart ache for Gbemi. I couldn’t believe, a man in 2016 could say such things about a woman, so publicly. After they calmed down, they offered a very wet-apology not to Gbemi but to the ‘public’, and to think one of these grown boys  happens to be married made me feel sorry for the supposed wife.

What I liked about the whole thing was Gbemi ignoring their stupidity. Social media republic’s capital Twitter-sphere were busy debating whether or not the muffins will actually still go to the wedding after all the drama. Lo and behold, these boys actually went to the wedding, decked in their 20 yards of Yoruba demon uniform, with their own personal mopol, only to get there and were asked to leave, cheiiiiii, what can they do to redeem themselves here?..well at least their Instagram profiles are now private.

It was good to know that a fellow woman can look out for her friend when faced with such madness. I know how one former friend threw me under the bus because of her boyfriend’s friend who was rude and insulting to me. So shout out to Mrs Demuren and also to the families for not tolerating nonsense at such a joyous occasion.

Any friend, boyfriend or husband who allows others to make fun of, insult or mock their boo’s friends needs to learn from #TSquared2016.

Friendship is not by mouth, it is by respect for other people’s pain and standing up for what is right.

After all that drama in January, I’m curious to know what February has for a single girl in this Lagos… #BaeforValentine2016


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14 thoughts on “THE DEMONS AND THE FRIEND”

  1. Those guys are sorry excuses for men.
    Gbemi handled them properly, even though I think she overstepped her boundaries. I am not one for subs- if you want to call someone out, please face them squarely and call them out.
    Moreso, while social media gives you an almost unihibited access into people’s lives and spaces, I think people need to respect each other.
    So they gatecrash events…. did they gatecrash yours? Leave them to live their lives, however they want to and when they gatecrash into your space, by all means wipe them off the face of the earth but until then, mind your damn business!


  2. Yeah, well I feel Gbemi didnt do the right thing, somethings in life you just unlook. Its not everything you decide to tweet about or in her case throw “subs”. But hey, its her phone, her fingers doing the typing, her time getting wasted taking panadol for other people’s headache. But those guys sha. Awon “i must be at every wedding, invited or not”. On to more important issues, have a beautiful month Imarose. Your posts gives me life.


  3. Your write up is bias #myopinion .Who do they owe explanations of their source of living,what’s your concern if their claim to fame is their ancestors.Not everything needs to go on social media,if Gbemi feels strongly about this gist about it with your circle of friends or when you are having laughs.Well its one of those things that happens. #movingon


  4. The lousiest post I have read on this blog. Gbemi was right in subbing the ‘Muffin Brothers’ but they were silly for catching the sub & attacking her? Downright clownish opinion, Imarose.

    Gbemi is a coward for subbing them (& that’s what I think of all ‘subbers’), if you can be man enough to call someone out, then shut up!!! Muffins were silly for going overboard with their retort…& turning up for the wedding (despite their invite) was utterly classless.

    Had to pen this to you Imarose, you sound like you have a strong dislike for the Muffins & with it went your objectivity.

    Enjoy February.


    1. Your opinion is valid to you. I have met the bigger of the Muffins at a gym in 1004 scouting and asking girls what they do for a living to see how they can enter the woman who can be of financial benefits to his jobless-self. I have nothing against little boys who acted like idiots and I also see nothing wrong with a sub-tweet, if she didn’t mention their names and they caught the sub then that’s their insecurities highlighted and that is really on them, but for you a woman to try and excuse such behavior on a fellow woman like yourself is disturbing. Just know if someone anyone insulted and degraded you like they did Gbemi, I would stand up for you even though like Gbemi I don’t know you


      1. I did not excuse the behaviour of the Muffins, not sure you read that anywhere in my post…wondering how you arrived at that conclusion.

        They insulted Gbemi which was wrong (especially the level of insults) but Gbemi was the aggressor & I do not know what she expected with that sub.

        You proved my statement in my last paragraph about your strong dislike for the boys & so you are not expected to be objective.

        I do not know Gbemi or the Muffins so I am not standing up for anyone here. Both parties were wrong – Gbemi for sending a cowardly tweet & the Muffins for being insulting in their response.

        “…but for you a woman to try and excuse such behavior on a fellow woman like yourself is disturbing” – this is amusing. Would it be any different if I am a man (& yes, I am a man & an avid follower of this blog) especially one who did not applaud the Muffins? Or is my offence saying that Gbemi was cowardly for subbing instead of calling them out?


        1. I kind of agree with Imarose here.

          I get what you mean about the sub and I completely agree with her naming as opposed to subbing, however you must admit that it’s her personal account and she’s allowed to sub. We all do.

          As for the comments Imarose made, I’m slightly confused with your descriptions ‘lousy’ (you typo’d there btw) and her objectivity disappearing. I didn’t realise single in gidi was a medium of journalism. Or that she was a judge. Again, she’s completely entitled to her opinion on what she feels, be it stating the Mofins are geniuses or rightly stating that they acted in a childish, ignorant, demeaning and completely degrading way. Complete embarrassment.

          To be fair, this is your opinion and I really should keep mum but when you insult someone’s blog with the term lousy as well as comment on her objectivity then I simply have to call you out on it for such hypocrisy. And irony.

          Anyway, have a wonderful day.

          Ps, this is my first time commenting on your posts which I simply adore, Imarose. I’m a bit ashamed that it’s under these circumstances but do keep up the good work! 🙂


        2. Sweety it’s not what they call you, it’s what you answer to. Everyone is allowed to sub whomever they want, if your insecurities tells you it’s you and you come out with a loaded gun full of insult then it’s on you!


          1. You’re right…& my apologies for the term used in describing your opinion.

            This is my first time commenting on your blog, keep it up.

            Nkonyeasua, nice comment you made. I agree with your point & the ‘scolding.’


  5. Imarose please do not pay attention to what people say about your post or if they don’t like it.
    *side eye to coco gist*. Please don’t mind them. I like your realness and I look forward to your posts every time. Don’t change for people, last I recalled this was not an entertainment blog.


  6. It is her blog #Imarose, but she’s not writing to herself…. Girl power doesn’t mean we should accept & support things that are wrong. When you sip on a very hot cup of tea, be prepared to have your tongue burnt… I honestly do not know the #Mofin brothers nor do I know you but gurl, you sounded very much like them (filled with so much dislike/hate & very insultive) Because we have social media doesn’t give us the right to treat others with disrespect (sub or direct)… #Mofin brothers, learn to treat a woman with respect, #Gbemi, mind your damn business gurl … #Imarose, spread the love ❤️…. Girls rock better when they are not busy discussing/gossiping #small boys **winks & rolls eyes**


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