I just re-read an article on Psychology-Today after I saw on Facebook that an acquaintance, let’s call her Cherrypie has gotten back with a crazy toxic guy (her words not mine) she bad-mouthed a few years back. The backstory is that this dude had added me on Facebook and we became chatty, not long I realised there was something off about him so I slowed things down until one day, Cherrypie sends me a message on Facebook warning me about how crazy he was and even sent me screenshots of messages he had been sending to her saying that I was his new ‘catch’ and I was in love with him and I was giving him money. Me? Give man money? I will just stop there. When bros realised that his cover had been blown by Cherrypie, he disappeared, blocked me on all medium and turned to sending emails to insult me. Let’s just say I thanked my God and thanked Cherrypie and we became ‘friends’.

By the way, in case you missed out on the biggest social media drama of last weekend starring one of the most hated females in Nigeria, Linda Ikeji and starboy Wizkid. Here is a recap. So Linda wrote this post as a confirmed insider gist that Wizkid spends a lot and lives a fake life and was currently almost broke and had gotten quick-notice on his Lekki home, bla-bla-bla. Wizkid went straight up Chris Brown on her and said things that I know if I write the Holy Ghost Sister Gidi will edit from the post, anywhere, here is a link to the story .

What I found funny about Linda’s response is how many people actually really hate Linda and the amount of guys she has been running things with yet has been single since 19-kokoro. I mean the consistence of the name dropping of Linda’s supposed bedmates was funny. Linda should not have bothered to trade words with Wizkid, he is young and was ready to drag her to his age-level and play dirty like he did. But the double standards of Wizkid’s attack sha; a man who has so far impregnated two women and wifying none is shaming a 37-year-old woman about being single and unmarried. Let me stop here before Mz Gidi bans me from writing mbok

Back to the story, supposedly Cherrypie dated this dude for a very short time, the relationship was extremely volatile, they fought very dirty, calling each other names and displaying extreme wickedness, at a point when she was telling me about her experience with this guy, you would think she was describing a devil. She told me how once, they were fighting in the car and she kept shouting and hitting him, he spat on her, stopped the car, came out of driver’s seat to the passenger seat and dragged her out of the car.

According to Cherrypie, her boy left her on third mainland bridge without her purse and shoes on sef. You know how we women remove out shoes when in the car? He dragged her out without her shoes on and said she wasn’t even aware of what was happening until she stood there watch him drive off. Yes that bad.

So after three weeks of a hellish relationship and less than a year part…Cherrypie and this guy are now back together… which makes me wonder what manner of desperation would make her go back to this man that she claimed was toxic, crazy that she feared for her own life.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against getting back with an ex, infact I think the familiarity and the fact that you already know each other to a certain extent makes it very easy a trap to fall into. But for me, I believe, any relationship that didn’t involve abuse of any kind is redeemable.

As for Cherrypie, I really worry for her sanity and I pray she knows what she is doing. What am I saying? She doesn’t know what she is doing but wetin be my own for the matter.

I have been in an abusive relationship, I know what it feels like to be trapped in that pattern, but for all the tea in China, I will never get back with ANY of my exs. Even if humanity depended on our procreation, I’d go to San Francisco and make designer babies.

Ladies we need to put our sanity first before any relationship or man.


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