Dear Mz Gidi, 

My boyfriend of 6 months keeps talking to his ex and I am uncomfortable with it.

At first he told me they were just good friends and I tried to understand after all I still have a few exes that I occasionally say hello to. When she got married three months ago, we both wished her well and even attended the reception of her wedding, I found it odd attending her wedding but I chose to because he wanted to go and he said he wanted to introduce me to her. 

Now six months into our relationship and three months into her marriage she keeps sending my boyfriend messages on how much she misses him and wishes she waited for him instead of rushing into marriage; just last week, she sent him pictures of her breasts asking if he missed them.

I’ve confronted my boyfriend about this recent development and he keeps saying it is nothing but he isn’t telling her off or anything. What do you advice I do because I swear I am losing my mind. 



Hmm tough one here, I have my opinion but I’ll leave this open to everyone…what do you think Liz should do in this situation?

Use the comment box below and let’s discuss.

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  1. Liz should take d bull by d Horn…my advice is screen grab d chat and picture that was sent to ur boy friend and send them to her husband…*dat was how I lost my boyfriend to his married Ex…cuz I complained and did nothing..if I have anodr chance, dats exactly wat i’d do.


  2. Leave. Life is too short for unnecessary drama. Ask yourself would he be so unaffected if he found YOUR married ex’s nudes on your phone?

    PS. His ex is a *****. Just 3 months after, ke? Tufia


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