Single Bells,
Single Bells
Single all the way

Yup! it is that time of the year again, the time of harmattan, deadly Lagos traffic, events on events and of course weddings…it’s December in Lagos my people!

This December feels a little bit different for those of us already living in Lagos, maybe it’s the lack of harmattan or the realisation that we can’t splurge as much as we used to in previous years. Everybody’s eye is just red because mehn money is scarce and we are all in search for greener days. The people who are winning this December though, are the IJGBs, in short they are the kings. Small £100 should be able to shut down a club in Lagos at this rate and us normal Lagosians (because some of you don’t know what scarce resources means) cannot be forming flex mode when our diasporan friends are in town. As a matter of fact, I am considering renting a room in my house this season, B&B style, so I could earn some foreign exchange

I know you are thinking it too… LOL

Anyway as every other December in Lagos, there is the time between The Experience and the migration of the Igbos to their various states. This time is usually packed with so much activity (and traffic) that we don’t know how we are going to survive or you are unsure what to do really. Well not to worry, SIG is here with tips on how to survive Lagos this season, especially if you are single and over 30

#1. Respect your age
Not every event is for you. With the number of teenagers roaming the streets this season, please respect your age and look for mature events to go for, queuing outside a club is an example of what NOT to do this season.

#2. Don’t wedding hop
Everyone is doing it….small small girls do it more, desperate girls do it even more…Don’t do it. No matter how tempting it is to go for a wedding where you don’t know the couple and you heard everyone at the wedding is a returnee from America or the UK…Don’t do it.

#3. Not every returnee is a potential
 With the way the exchange rate is acting, most returnees are on a spending spree so don’t be deceived…give yourself brain, that’s all I will say

#4. Speak Nigerian
What I mean is, be yourself biko, all that forming britico and american when you know you’ve never stepped out of Lagos before is not going to werk. It’s actually a breath of fresh air these days meeting people who aren’t trying to force a foreign accent.

#5. Stay Safe
On a serious note, please make sure your security is your utmost priority this season. We don’t pray for bad things to happen to us or anyone else but it’s important that you have people around you and as much as possible avoid solo trips.

So that’s it, our 5 tips on having a Single Christmas in Lagos.

Do have a Merry Christmas, have fun and stay safe.

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Mz Gidi

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